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The Marketplace in The Big Island, where typical hawaiian food can be savored in comfy home settings. Also known as a chinatown as so many chinese food can be seen here. Maunakea – derived from the name of the dormant volcano in this island. This colorful place is full of colors, spices and sights to remember i can say   Aloha!



Finger Puppets

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Finger Puppets –

When you can’t verbalize your emotions,
just do it with your fingers.
– Joel F.

Finger lickin’ good and it’s not even a food. Peruvian arts and crafts that would make your fingers look good.

The Finger Puppets in assorted colors and designs at such a reasonable price caught my attention. I bought more than a dozen and all gone for my friends. Such a great souvenir for people with kids.

These Finger Puppets are great in helping kids build their social skills. Also a great tool in expressing emotions. I’m not a kid but sometimes i’m so childish i need this thing.

When i can’t express my emotions, how i wish i got these finger puppets so i can just speak and speak and play like a kid. And if i fumble, everyone easily forgives because i’m just a kid.

How i miss those childhood days when playing with my fingers is always okay. 😉


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