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Ready, get set go!

On the way to drink the ice
To run from the shouting crowd
And hide from their glaring eyes.

One, two, three, flee!

To swallow your frozen pride
Sing their song aloud
And eat their bitter pies.

Four, five, six, pick!

The tribe you’d rather stick
The ass you have to lick
Or else they’ll call you a freak.

Seven, eight, nine, ten!

Swollen and beaten
Never try to get even
You’ll be unforgiven.

bullying, victims, poem about bullying, abuse, joys of joel poems, outnumbered
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2 thoughts on “Outnumbered

    1. Thank you too Steph for dropping by. Relatives, oh i’m lost for words, i’ve got memorable moments with my relatives, i’m one of the few ones who’s blessed with good relatives. Thanks again for liking my post. It’s deeply appreciated. Take Care and Have a wonderful week ahead.

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