The Reason by Joel F

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The Reason –

She slams the door
You hear the lion’s roar
What am i waiting for?

You gave your share
She doesn’t care
I say life isn’t fair

She broke your heart
And tore you apart
I stay and did my part

She made you cry
And destroy your life
Still, i can’t say goodbye

She said love is gone
You said you can’t run
I know because i’m dumb

Through it all
And all the fall
What are we hoping for?

She won’t return
The bridge was burned
I know it’s now my turn

You slam the door
I hear the lion’s roar
What am i waiting for?

You wait for her
As i stare
You said you are imprisoned

You can’t let go
I understand
Because i also feel the reason.



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Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.





22 thoughts on “The Reason by Joel F

  1. Expressing what so many have felt. I also write my pain and sorrow, journaling daily, writing stories and poetry,mand letters that I just send to myself. 43 years together and then nothing, no communication, not a word. The coldest heart , the deepest wounds. Sharing does help, doesn’t it? I love your words. Hang in there.

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