The Chandelier by Joel F

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The Chandelier –

I was in a bar when i heard the song again, Sia’s The Chandelier.  At 2 am something in the past comes back again. I don’t know why, there’s something with the chandelier that gives me this creepy feeling. Nope, it’s not the song, i’m referring to the “Chandelier” itself.

Although i’ve seen a hundred chandeliers in more than a hundred places, there are only two memorable occasions when the chandelier left its strong impressions.

First, when our family went to an uptown hotel, my sight was immediately centered to a humongous chandelier . As a child i was amazed by the chandelier’s  intricate design. The countless artful bulbs that give its blinding lights above the red carpet at the center of the lobby seem to welcome you with a screaming voice, announcing your arrival. It was beautiful. I was mesmerized until we went to a wake of a relative.  From then on, it change everything.

I was a child when we visit a  relative. The funeral home with its huge chandelier. The  chandelier had made its impact on my young mind.

The place evokes sadness, while the adults were having their conversation, i was left alone tending for myself.  Since the place is not huge unlike that posh hotel, my wandering eyes were just restricted to the huge chandelier above the coffin.

At the center i see nothing but the white box and the chandelier.  And since i refused to look at the white box, my time was spent most of the time on that intricate but creepy chandelier.

Of course there were flowers, but the chandelier’s  presence is too strong to be ignored.  Its brass finished, its design and the lights seem like a distraction.  Who would ever thought of putting a chandelier in a funeral home?

Their existence was supposed to be just for the sole purpose of welcoming us for a celebration, the one with grandeur and splendor like the one in the posh hotel..

But things have changed, as i reached the middle age, i realized that death is not something to be afraid of.  Now i know why there’s a chandelier on that place, death is a  milestone, a step to the next dimension .

And the Chandelier and its lights welcomes our arrival to that final destination.

Although honestly, it’s an event i have long accepted that is bound to happen. It’s the only future event that i don’t really look forward to. 🙂

So call me crazy , everytime i see a huge chandelier, i always take a second look because it always remind me of a wake, a funeral place.

I remember visiting a relative in L.A.  As soon as we entered her huge beautiful home, a huge chandelier welcome us and i tactlessly told my mom, “Oh My God Mom, this place looks like a funeral home, a huge mausoleum” (all white interior with fresh flowers, high ceiling and a huge chandelier).

Good thing, it’s just my mom who heard me, otherwise I might have offended our kind relative. I have no intention of hurting anyone’s feelings and i have no right to question anyone’s taste,  it’s just that a place with a huge chandelier reminds me of a funeral home.  My weird and crazy mind.

Looking back at this photo, I can see myself barely smiling.  Some memories are never forgotten. Years after, I still remember………….The Chandelier.


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A Beautiful Lie –


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33 thoughts on “The Chandelier by Joel F

  1. Oh, how funny! But, you know, not in a laugh out loud funny kind of way. I love chandeliers though some can be tacky. I work for an electrician and there are two huge chandeliers in our warehouse just kind of propped up on the floor. It seems as if they removed them from someone’s house. They’re not new and actually in all kind of states of disrepair. Now when I walk around them to get to the bathroom, I’ll be having morbid thoughts.

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  2. Glad I’m not the only one to up my foot in it and speak out too easily! Phew, good only your mum heard. Chandeliers are great – awesome in the stately homes etc but I tend to worry that they might fall on my head.

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  3. Image que’s…

    What i find very unbelievable 75 bloggers like the post, now i’m not say that the post is bad, it was a piece of your life that those bloggers seem to like!

    i also see that you stopped by for a read,

    thank you,


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    1. Oh, likes likes. This was actually a repost. This post only got 1 like the first time i posted it almost 2 years ago, now it’s more than 1 like; had something to with time and patience i guess. 🙂

      And it’s not really the number of likes or the stat views (unless of course you’re selling something, different strokes for different folks you know) that is the be all of one’s blog, what matters is your readers are enjoying your posts and you made them smile, think, learned or whatever everytime they drop by.

      And yes Chris i really stop by for a read or else, why would i follow if i don’t read? I learned a lot and got inspirations by reading other people’s blogs.

      Thank you so much Chris for stopping by and taking time in sharing your thoughts. Greatly appreciated. Take Care.

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