Life is Like An Ocean

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Life is like an ocean –

Life is like an ocean.  It comes in waves ebbing and flowing.   Sometimes the water is calm, sometimes it’s overwhelming.  And just when you thought you’ve seen it all, you’ll be caught by surprise that there’s more to come.

Realizing that life is a cycle.  Still being thankful that there will always be something to be grateful for.  And knowing deep inside that there will always be something beautiful to look forward to.

Yes, the best wave of your life is still out there.  Learn from the waves and enjoy the ride.

The Reluctant Surfer

The reluctant surfer
I used to be
scared of the storm
and the waves I see

the water looks deep
and the height is steep

Avoiding it
I thought i’m a wise man
so I just stay on the beach
and build my castle on the sand

But even on the shore,
the waves swept it all

Can’t believe
I thought it’s safe
when i build some walls

So I look for surfboards
and try to ride
the waves that come
and learned from the tide

The fear from the fall
and the pain that it brings
when one is too slow
for paddling and wave breaking

Slowly as i passed
the eye of the tide
and survived the waves
that almost blinded my sight

I stand up all wet
and teary eyed
wiser this time
as the tide subsides

The reluctant surfer
I used to be
gone is the fear
and i’m finally free.



Copyright © 2014 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.




56 thoughts on “Life is Like An Ocean

  1. This reminds me of a recent experience observing three surfers. It was a location that took effort to get to. One surfer was eager and two appeared reluctant…They had to climb over rocks down a steep hill and once they got near the water it looked rough and choppy. The eager one did not hesitate and the other two looked like they were thinking , what did he get us into. It was a weird location. Anyway they eventually jumped in and we continued to watch them a while longer…

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    1. and surely they enjoyed it in the end, i guess they have no regrets trying it. Surfing is fun and painful at times. 🙂
      Thanks Roberta for sharing your beautiful experience. I appreciate it. Have a lovely friday ahead.

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    1. Thanks Kumar , that is so true. .Just like the wave that keeps returning from the ocean to the shore, a heart will find its homecoming as the running waves reached offshore.

      Have a beautiful friday. Thanks for dropping by.

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    1. Yes Cindy, there is a certain serenity when we are at the sea. You are right, it will always be a silent constant friend. Thank you so much Cindy for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it.


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