Snowing Summertime

Snowing Summertime, depression, joys of poems, poetry, photography
Snowing Summertime – –

Into each life some snow must fall
coldness in one’s soul.

The blizzard
that blow you away

when you see the black snow
that is very rare.

The white snowflakes
that surround

the sunflowers
that were drowned.

Flying butterflies
on wintertime

confuses you
why they’re in town.

You look around
and was astound

summer flowers
are all abound.

You look again
in the window pane

you see the snow
and feel the pain.

Tricks of the mind
or you’re too blind

that flowers bloom
come summertime.

You received a call
and say hello

invited by a friend
this summer weekend.

Surprised to hear
and shocked to know

that winter’s gone
you barely know.

You realized
it’s summer now

but can’t resist
the buts and hows.

For all the things
you question why

it’s snowing
in summertime.

poem about depression, bipolar disorder, alzheimers, amnesia,joys of joel poems
Snowing Summertime –

Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.


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