Lessons From A Talking Apple

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Lesson From A Talking Apple – A poetry about Temptation and Desires — https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com

I’m an apple but not just an apple. I’m red and green, and everything you’ve dreamed.

Can you plant my seeds? Of course you can, though it takes time for me to grow. You need the right soil, water, sunshine and hope.

You also need some patience and don’t expect me to be as perfect as you wish me to be.
You might get disappointed as i grow according to my time and my will.

Although i come in different colors and in odd shapes sometimes,
please don’t judge me by my color.

You can still get the same nutrients regardless how i look like from the outside.

Come taste me, i’m all yours for the taking.

Just like adam and eve. I know you can’t refuse me.

You can take my skin or strip it. It wouldn’t really matter.

Although it hurts me when you wash me before you let me touch your lips
because you make me feel dirty.

Make me your cake, your pie, jam and anything you wish.

Just don’t let me die in your garden.
You wouldn’t really like my smell when i’m rotten.

And please remember i just don’t grow on trees , i grow on you.

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13 thoughts on “Lessons From A Talking Apple

  1. 🙂 Love apples and make pies and Jam with them.. I do wash them before eating, especially the commercially grown ones.. due to the amount of chemicals that get sprayed on them today 🙂 then I peel them.. Sad fact of today’s pest free apples…

    I hope to have some off our own fruit trees next year.. fingers crossed 🙂
    Happy weekend to you Sue

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