The Untrained Master by Joel F

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The Untrained Master –


I thought i am the master
until i was enslaved by you

Nothing could be more true
than what Ernest Hemingway once knew

No matter how many times
we’ve been through it

We’ll always be the apprentice
who’ll never say adieu.


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I Don’t Know How To Spend My Time Wisely by Joel F

I Don't Know How To Spend My Time Wisely, joys of joel poem, poem about time, what time is it, rhyming poem
I Don’t Know How To Spend My Time Wisely –

If time creates memory and memory defines time, where am i?
Am i still in the past when i hope that the good things i have will last?
Or am i now in the present when my future steps in a split second
For sure i’m not yet in the future because i still keep my prayer in my door.

If my past defines my future, where will my present be?
Is it in the middle of the two, a prelude to a future past beyond my grasp?
If my present decides my future, who decides my past?
Wasn’t my past was also once my future in the not so distant present?

Time really confuses me, so i let go of my time. They say spend it wisely.
Does being wise mean you spend your time preparing for your future?
But how can you prepare for your future without neglecting the precious present?
How can you be wise when it goes so quickly?

Good thing i got memories.
But memories belong to the past not the future.
And time moves in a different direction, memory in another.
Time moves forward. Memory relives the past.

I’ll just enjoy the moment.  I don’t know how to spend my time wisely.
I’ll just use it.


*** beach photo taken in Phuket, Thailand.


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The Weatherman Is Not Always Right

The Weatherman Is Not Always Right, poem about false hope, broken promises, joys of joel poems, poetry , quotes on love
The Weatherman Is Not Always Right (A Poetry about False Hope and Broken Promises) – –

No rainfall
No gloomy dark night

The promise
of a magical shooting star

Warm breeze
and a sun-drenched sky

The weatherman
is not always right.


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Terracotta Warriors

terracotta warriors, joys of joel photography, random photos of arts, history , museums
Terracotta Warriors, joys of joel random photos

What would you do when you meet a bunch of Stone Hearted Guys?  Have a photo shoot with them, avoid the blinding lights by wearing your shades and fight the need to meet a warm hearted real man.


location :   Asian Civilisations Museum,  Singapore


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Homage To A Drama Queen

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My world is your universe, yours is mine too. – – HOMAGE TO A DRAMA QUEEN – –

Have you encountered a Drama Queen?  For sure you do,  there are thousands of them in wordpress,  millions in facebook…….I’m one of them.  So let’s pay homage to ourselves and let me recall my experiences with them, oops , i mean us.  But first i have  to make a dramatic exit and leave.  Don’t worry,  i’ll keep you posted.  Promise!    – By Joel F.


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A Sinful Apple

A sinful apple, desire, an apple a day, apple, temptations, apple pie
A Sinful Apple


I’m an apple but not just an apple.  I’m red and green,  and everything you’ve dreamed.

Can you plant my seeds?  Of course you can,  though it takes time for me to grow. You need the right soil, water, sunshine and hope.

You also need some patience and don’t expect me to be as perfect as you wish me to be.
You might get disappointed as i grow according to my time and my will.

Although i come in different colors and in odd shapes sometimes,
please don’t judge me by my color.

You can still get the same nutrients regardless how i look  like  from the outside.

Come taste me, i’m all yours for the taking.

Just like adam and eve. I know you can’t refuse me.

You can take my skin or strip it.  It wouldn’t really matter.

Although it hurts me when you wash me before you let me touch your lips
because you make me feel dirty.

Make me your cake, your pie, jam and anything you wish.

Just don’t let me die in your garden.
You wouldn’t really like my smell when i’m rotten.

And please remember i just don’t grow on trees , i grow on you.


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The Melting Ice Men

I saw this beautiful ice sculpture photo on the net and enjoyed making a simple collage for this artwork.

The Melting Ice Men was brilliantly created by the world renowned Brazilian Visual Artist

Nele Azevedo

You can take a peek at her website and i assure you, you will enjoy it.


The Works of Salvador Dali

the works of salvador dali, joys of joel travels,  arts, paintings, sculpture, fashion, art science museum
The Works of Salvador Dali


Call it coincidence, but at the airport lounge while waiting for boarding, i happened to sit beside a woman holding a magazine.  She noticed that i keep glancing at the magazine, few minutes after, she said “I’m done, You wanna read?”,  I replied “sure”, “I’ll be back, i’ll just go to the washroom, take your time,” she said. so i scan the mag, and saw this article about fashion icons.  Coco Chanel, Salvador Dali, Elsa Schiaparelli and the likes were mentioned in the article.

Little did i know that I was about to get a taste of the icon’s works, just by a mere coincidence again.

I was heading to Marina Bay Sands for the “Skypark “ attraction when i saw this huge flower structure. I asked a young student and he told me it’s the Futuristic Art Science Museum.

“Futuristic” , wow, must be a high tech museum that showcase high technology gadgets or anything related to  future technology or things to come . beyond our wildest dream, something that you see in movies like “The Matrix” or “Mission Impossible.”   So i head right away to that museum. (that’s  the crazy thing about me when i travel, i don’t stick to my iterinary, even if i brought a checklist, i don’t follow it religiously).

Well, i  thought that the view i’ll see on top of the skypark won’t change, so i can go there a few hours later or a day after but the museum’s featured exhibits are always timed, you’ll never know if it’s the first or the last day of the exhibit.

Imagine my surprise when the featured exhibit that time was “The Works of Salvador Dali.”

Why?  First, i was expecting something futuristic and yet the exhibit is something about the past . (Well, art leads us to the future somehow, me rationalizing)   Second,  Do i believe in signs? Just a day before at the airport i was reading an article about Salvador Dali (thanks to that kind stranger) and here i am about to see his works in flesh! haha. So i went inside and start my unplanned adventure, to see how the mind of an artist works, through his life’s depictions in his art works.

Paintings, sculptures in brass, copper, metal and bronze, glass and stone carvings etc.. awesome! Awesome is an understatement, trust me!.

Salvador Dali was a famous clothes designer who once worked for the fabulous house of coco chanel, vogue magazine, elsa schiaparelli. He was also a painter, sculptor and a glass artist (seldom you see in the fashion designers today).

I so love his Floating Dining Artwork, that Fixtures on The Ceiling thing, the kissable red lip chair, the human cabinet (anthropomorphic cabinet) and so on…. .i actually love all of it! Too bad i can’t show everything here.  Anyway, take a peek and enjoy it!



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A Wedding and The Museum

a wedding and the museum, wedding photography, museum, photography, national museum of singapore
A Wedding and The Museum


Museums take you to the past, Arts lead you to the future.  Intertwined together either way, it nourish your soul and your sense of longing… for without it, one can just a be a floating energy without a sense of identity.

So here i am enjoying my museum visits in Surprising Singapore.(a small country with conservative oriental culture yet mixed with the vibrancy and the hues of the western world) when i encounter a touch of union.

I was about to enter The National Museum of Singapore when  i saw a happy couple.  I stop and observe the lady in white bridal gown and the guy in tux .Seeing a photographer , i conclude , it  must be a ‘wedding pictorial.”

I approached the photographer and ask him if it was an advertising pictorial for a wedding brochure for commercial purposes, or for  a real wedding pictorial. He politely said ” wedding.”   I decided to stay for a while before i went inside the museum.

I approached the couple and asked them if i can have a photo with them. To my surprise they agreed and even willingly smile.  Smiles from the heart , a reflection on  what one truly  feels when you knew you’ve found  “The One.”

Suddenly unwelcomed thoughts invade my mind.

How does it feel to be married?  Will i experience that once in a lifetime experience?

Ok, for others it’s twice in a lifetime, and for some, it’s even thrice. But just the same, it’s always a milestone in one’s life.  Milestone?  Yes, you took that extra mile to love and trust someone, pledging your love to last until your last breath, love must be as strong as a rock, shinier than that diamond stone that can’t be crushed or else you’ll end up wondering how did it all happen? Wasn’t it supposed to be carved in stone?

But just like the museum,  life can either show  you a gallery of beautiful paintings of love and passion or an abstract interpretation of an art scuplture installed on the ceiling, looking above , questioning  why that art is so confusing only to understand later that your confusion leads to wisdom as every art is subject to one’s interpretation and you as an artist render your greatest masterpiece.  Your Life, Your Love. Your Faith.


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Steel Nature

thetresscalgaryHeading to Calgary Tower, i happened to pass by in Stephen Avenue Mall, just beside Bankers Hall.  I saw this towering steel art installation themed “TREES,”  You can see  white steel trunks supporting slotted overhead canopies at a such a towering height, a great art installation not miss by  my camera and my wandering eyes! 🙂



Smashin’ Glass and Anything Art

smashinglass    I was waiting for the bus heading to Qualicum Beach when an elderly woman told me that i’m too early for the bus (or shall i say, i’m late for the recent bus)..i have to wait for an hour, whew!  I decide to  stroll in downtown Parksville  instead and kill the time. Along the road i saw a cool Art Gallery shop “Smashin’ Glass and Anything Art, Co.” Its  cool facade and brickstone wall captured my attention. truly it was conceptualized by an artist. I went inside, look around.have my photos taken (with the permission of the owner of course!) So many art pieces , from wood carvings, pottery, jewelry, paintings, and so on.  An art gallery that showcase Vancouver Island’s local artists’ workpiece and offers classes for beginners who want to dip their hands into anything artful. The studio gallery offers lessons on glass fusing, picture framing and assorted workshops for kids and adults. Owned by glass artists Karena and Kevin, this place is truly a haven for artists. Better late than never, otherwise i woulld never discover a cool place like this. Tardiness has its own rewards sometimes. 🙂 – by JoelF   smashng3