The Untrained Master by Joel F

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The Untrained Master –


I thought i am the master
until i was enslaved by you

Nothing could be more true
than what Ernest Hemingway once knew

No matter how many times
we’ve been through it

We’ll always be the apprentice
who’ll never say adieu.


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I Don’t Know How To Spend My Time Wisely by Joel F

I Don't Know How To Spend My Time Wisely, joys of joel poem, poem about time, what time is it, rhyming poem
I Don’t Know How To Spend My Time Wisely –

If time creates memory and memory defines time, where am i?
Am i still in the past when i hope that the good things i have will last?
Or am i now in the present when my future steps in a split second
For sure i’m not yet in the future because i still keep my prayer in my door.

If my past defines my future, where will my present be?
Is it in the middle of the two, a prelude to a future past beyond my grasp?
If my present decides my future, who decides my past?
Wasn’t my past was also once my future in the not so distant present?

Time really confuses me, so i let go of my time. They say spend it wisely.
Does being wise mean you spend your time preparing for your future?
But how can you prepare for your future without neglecting the precious present?
How can you be wise when it goes so quickly?

Good thing i got memories.
But memories belong to the past not the future.
And time moves in a different direction, memory in another.
Time moves forward. Memory relives the past.

I’ll just enjoy the moment.  I don’t know how to spend my time wisely.
I’ll just use it.


*** beach photo taken in Phuket, Thailand.


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The Weatherman Is Not Always Right

The Weatherman Is Not Always Right, poem about false hope, broken promises, joys of joel poems, poetry , quotes on love
The Weatherman Is Not Always Right (A Poetry about False Hope and Broken Promises) – –

No rainfall
No gloomy dark night

The promise
of a magical shooting star

Warm breeze
and a sun-drenched sky

The weatherman
is not always right.


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Terracotta Warriors

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Terracotta Warriors, joys of joel random photos

What would you do when you meet a bunch of Stone Hearted Guys?  Have a photo shoot with them, avoid the blinding lights by wearing your shades and fight the need to meet a warm hearted real man.


location :   Asian Civilisations Museum,  Singapore


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Homage To A Drama Queen

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My world is your universe, yours is mine too. – – HOMAGE TO A DRAMA QUEEN – –

Have you encountered a Drama Queen?  For sure you do,  there are thousands of them in wordpress,  millions in facebook…….I’m one of them.  So let’s pay homage to ourselves and let me recall my experiences with them, oops , i mean us.  But first i have  to make a dramatic exit and leave.  Don’t worry,  i’ll keep you posted.  Promise!    – By Joel F.


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