Foolish Defiance

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Foolish Defiance –

Defying the gravity of society’s whisperings
Pulling the time back to its ruthless limit
Hovering the cloudless seed of wanderings
Foolish defiance all the time every minute

The stark contrast of a placid lake
Looming on the white page of freedom to repress
Obeying the mask of the icings on the cake
Foolish defiance to the lure of success.

Stepping on the expanding boundaries of time
Mistaking the flags of the senseless drive
The stings from the deflated ego and pride
Foolish defiance to the cautious tribe.

Conniving to follow the conservative norms
Society flagging those with unwanted flaws
Not letting to crawl all its hidden worms
Foolish defiance to the man-made laws.


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foolish defiance, quotes, poetry, joys of joel writings, wisdom, breaking the barriers
Foolish Defiance –

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