Soliloquy at The Sunset

soliloquy, personal, thoughts, memories

I used to talk to myself, nope , not used to, i still do. I was watching a beautiful sunset in hawaii on top of the mountain, go down the ocean bay, wondering what could have been,  the past moment when the sky was blue and love shows its rainbows.

i started wandering in the ocean, yearning for something deeper than that inexplicable quest for one’s purpose. When you were young, one always thought that love conquers all.  Age makes you wiser, but still that doesn’t stop me from scolding myself , my inner self reprimanding me that time can never be wisely spent when love and passion is truly at its peak. I still talk to myself, but this time I am more kind to myself.

Life is a wonderful adventure, love comes as one of its flavors. This picture made me smile, and i no longer ask myself why.  – by JoelF


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