Prejudice by Joel F

poem about prejudice, racism, bigotry, joys of joel poem, rhyming poem
Prejudice –


Red roses are so inviting
The fiery color you can’t resist.

Thorns that might be hurting
The wound that bleeds as it persists.

Petals in yellow, pink or orange
Silent voices that sound so foreign.

Blindly believing that red roses
Are the only roses that exist.



Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.



56 thoughts on “Prejudice by Joel F

  1. Very accurate and succinct description of a sad phenomenon. I’m a fan of orange and light pink roses myself. On my birthdays, I get a large bouquet of blue roses. There is enough diversity out there for all of us to enjoy. xo

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    1. Wow, blue roses are very expensive. I love red and white roses. Yes i agree with you, there’s enough diversity for us to enjoy.

      Thanks Sabiscuit for sharing you thoughts it. I appreciate it.

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