Prejudice by Joel F

poem about prejudice, racism, bigotry, joys of joel poem, rhyming poem
Prejudice –


Red roses are so inviting
The fiery color you can’t resist.

Thorns that might be hurting
The wound that bleeds as it persists.

Petals in yellow, pink or orange
Silent voices that sound so foreign.

Blindly believing that red roses
Are the only roses that exist.



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The Guilty Jury

the guilty Jury, joys of joel poem,  poem about love, prejudice, racsim and biases,  short story through poetry
The Guilty Jury

To charge you with an offense
A love that is so intense
Truth with no pretense
You’re left with no defense.

To Scream the painful truth.
That kills like a riveting flute
Or spray it with twisted lies
To appease their raging pride.

Admitting sins you never did
Free will that they forbid
For all their secrets that might bleed
A liitle wink beneath the lid.

So now the time has really come
Aghast to dust and squeal the bomb
That love is not a rule of thumb
That should be silence like a lamb.

Their interest is their concern
The book of truth they long had burned.
To seal the verdict of your story.
Prejudice by the guilty jury.



Copyright © 2015  Joys of Joel by Joel F.  All Rights Reserved