The Reluctant Surfer by Joel F

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The Reluctant Surfer – –

The reluctant surfer
i used to be
scared of the storm
and the waves i see

the water looks deep
and the height is steep

Avoiding it
i thought i’m a wise man
so i just stay on the beach
and build my castle on the sand

But even on the shore,
the waves swept it all

Can’t believe
i thought it’s safe
when i build some walls

So i look for surfboards
and try to ride
the waves that come
and learned from the tide

The fear from the fall
and the pain that it brings
when one is too slow
for paddling and wave breaking

Slowly as i passed
the eye of the tide
and survived the waves
that almost blinded my sight

I stand up all wet
and teary eyed
wiser this time
as the tide subsides

The reluctant surfer
i used to be
gone is the fear
and i’m finally free.



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49 thoughts on “The Reluctant Surfer by Joel F

  1. A number of different metaphors here. Not only the obvious one of overcoming our fears but also understanding that we have to “ride the wave” of good times and enjoy them while they last. Life is about peaks and valleys and at times we all end up wet.

    I hope you have been well my friend.

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    1. I’m well Jarrod, i wrote this almost 2 years ago. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. Life is really a vast ocean with ebbs and flows and the running wave is always a part of that intricate masterful design. Thanks again my friend.

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  2. Loved it. I’ve always felt a connection to the sport of surfing, maybe because I have a deep respect for the power of nature. The ocean is a place I would go in my youth to feel near to God. Thanks for posting finally (2 years, that’s a long time to hold onto something and not share it!)


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    1. Thanks Memee for sharing your thoughts. I used to surf years ago. oh yes, the ocean is beautiful and the waves , can’t describe it. Nowadays, i surf (on the internet), the waves that i get on writing (also inexplicable), somehow gives me a different feel. And that poem i wrote years ago, i get to published that here in wordpress last year. this was actually a repost. So glad you loved it. Thanks for your time.

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    1. Luckily, i never experienced those shark attacks here in the Philippines. During those times, for years that i’ve surfed i’ve never seen sharks attacking surfers. Although i’ve heard a lot of shark attacks sometime in Maui, Hawaii and other places. I guess just like any recreations or sports there are always risks involve. Thanks Kimboxin for dropping by. Try Surfing, you’ll enjoy it.

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  3. Surfing always seem like an exciting adventure. I always wanted to try, but life goes by so fast. It doesn’t wait for us to catch up. Through life we can’t be afraid, take those chances no where is safe. Again your metaphors are on point.

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