My Blog Anniversary and My WordPress Journey

my blog anniversary and my wordpress journey, milestones and memories, joys of joel blog
One year of unforgettable journey – – –

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao Tzu

My blog anniversary and my wordpress journey.  Yes, it’s been a year and what a journey it has been.

After a year of blogging, yes i’m still single and with my wordpress as my boyfriend 😉 it’s such a milestone we reached one year.

But wordpress can’t be my boyfriend, with more than 500 bloggers i’m stalking oops following and  thousands of posts i liked , that will make me unfaithful.  Whatever it is i’m still surprise i lasted this long.

Not that i don’t have lasting relationships.  Can i consider this a relationship? It’s one way. I do all the talking, typing, all the hardwork and suddenly it’s a relationship? Relationship should be mutual as what my friends used to remind me until they get married and start feeding their unemployed husband.

All right, Not all relationships are physical,  I had my numerous happy moments licking an ice cream, eating chocolates and what have you’s.  They’re not relationships but it made me happy.

Call it whatever, blogging on wordpress gave me tiny bits of simple joys comparable to watching the miss universe pageant and looking forward to watching it all over again year after year.

I don’t want to take too much of your time so i just want to Thank all of you  who drop by, liked my posts, followed my blog and speak your hearts out on the comment section. I truly, sincerely wholeheartedly appreciate it.

The world is truly such a beautiful place to live in and with beautiful people like you , it made my blogging moments a wonderful learning experience.

My friend asked me the other day,  It’s been a year so what’s next? What did you get from blogging? Did you earn from it?

Honestly? A LOT! I mean the lessons, not money.  It might take me another year to enumerate all the lessons i’ve learned.  Most of them can be applied in real life.  Not that wordpress blogging is not real, but most of the time when i write those poems, it brings me to fantasy kingdom.  Crazy.

You know that feeling when you write something about being broken when you’re actually happy. Writing those poems thinking about being broken while you’re enjoying your ice cream, giggling while watching the classic film Wizard of Oz?

Those moments when you remember a friend having an affair with a priest and you made a poetry out of it.  Not to spite her, but you just can’t avoid telling her story with your creative little twist.

Fantasy? Fantasizing about something and making it come true through poetry, music, art or in whatever form.

Did i earn from it?

Why is it that we always have to equate everything we do with money? Can’t we just do things that we enjoy without thinking any financial rewards in the end? It gives me inexplicable joy , isn’t that enough? And if i will be financially rewarded by blogging in the end then that’s a bonus.  Well, it’s still an option and a choice, after all everything in life is a matter of priority.

One can never really tell,  you’ll never know what avenues your blog experience will lead you to.  Only time can tell.

My friend even asked me one time if what she read is all about my life.  After all my tag line is The Poetry of My life through my writings and journeys. 

I gave her a  tactless answer “Do i need to be a politician to talk about politics?”  Besides how can i call it blogging if all i write is all about myself?  That will be bragging not blogging.

The truth is what i write  most of the time is all about my readers. That’s why they like it because they can relate, somehow, somewhere between the lines or they like my posts because they like me? Here comes fantasy again.

Blogging is all about building communities, making this huge world smaller by connecting people with different beliefs, opinions and accepting others regardless of our differences and at the same time making this world even bigger with our dreams and purpose. Whatever it is, we are all one.  We all just want to be happy in whatever way it’s possible.

And The lessons i’ve learned?  That deserves another post.  Well why not?  10 things I learned from WordPress Blogging?

How many words am i using right now? Did i follow SEO? The difference between google analytics and wordpress stat , the benefits of copyblogger,  plug ins? That’s the technical side.

But who cares about those stats when i’m not selling anything online here?  Honestly, once in a while i still do.

Truthfully, one of the lessons i learned from my wordpress blog is simply by  being humane.   If strangers like your post (regardless whether they read it or not) , why not take the time to read their blog.  And let them know you read it, either by liking it or leaving a comment.  And everything will follow.  Normally it does, and if everything fails, try and try until you give up.  Just kidding.

Seriously, for whatever purpose, for whatever reason, we are all here for some validation.  It’s no different from saying Thank you to a stranger on the street who tells you she likes your new hair or your cute dress.

I love reading, writing , listening to people’s stories  and i’m loving every minute of it and that’s the only thing that should matter but then that’s me, different strokes for different folks.

And if others have different reasons for blogging, let it be.  That’s what makes our world beautiful, we are all different and the same in one way or the other.

Thanks to all of you for making our world beautiful by sharing your heart through your writings, photography, music,  food, artworks and your blog.

And thanks again for being a part of my wordpress journey.

Hope to see all of you on my silver anniversary. 🙂


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35 thoughts on “My Blog Anniversary and My WordPress Journey

    1. I’m celebrating it right now by not going out on Saturday night. 🙂 Reading other people’s blog is like having a night out binge drinking. It’s intoxicatingly fun and it’s totally free without a hang over. Thanks Claire. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Hut Owner. Can i just enjoy the world and not conquer it? Just kidding. I think your blog has conquered me in some ways. I so love your travel photos especially our country’s scenic spots. Congratulations to you too. Have a fab sunday!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. When I see people have read some of my things and responded with either comments or likes, I feel good knowing that we’ve had an interchange. I feel a connection of sorts, not like hanging out with a person face to face, but a feeling of…unity. I found your blog because you read my work, commented, and liked what I do. I try, like you to read the work put out there because sometimes there are intricate stories of inspiration hidden behind a self given moniker. It’s like being allowed to go through someone’s medicine cabinet or closet. I dig on that.

    I don’t earn dollars from writing (yet!) but what I gain in understanding of myself and others, like you, is more than ample satisfaction. I have enough. I am enough. I am so glad that we can be enough together. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. I wish you much success and a vault full of laughter, love, and every joy.

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    1. You’re definitely right Mare. What’s the use of following other blogs if you don’t read them? And why follow it if you don’t really like it? However, Different people have different reasons for blogging and i totally understand them. Thank you for your warm greetings and wishing you success on your new book.

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  2. Reblogged this on Totally Inspired Mind… and commented:
    And here is a wonderful belated Happy Anniversary to the very talented poet and blogger and graphic artist Joel F.
    I discovered his creations on my reader and reprinted “Evergreen”, that made my heart smile when I wasn’t smiling at all.
    Some people are blessed with amazing gifts, and Joel was blessed with many by God.

    Here’s to many more anniversaries to come!

    Your writer, blogger photographer friend,

    Paulette L Motzko

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  3. Congratulations. Excellent expression of views/notions.
    Unfortunate, I have lost sight of your blog. Any way I shall go through positively.
    Wishing you All the Best.

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