The Lamp Post by Joel F

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The Lamp Post –

Keep the faith
and make it stronger

Not by just keeping it inside
or holding on to it

Truly when it is shared
that you see and feel the light.

And when you see the rays
that reached beyond yourself

You’ll be awed
for it doesn’t only light your path

But also gives meaning
to the purpose of your being

We are all one
regardless where we come from

Where we’ll be going
and how we’ll be leaving.

*** photo taken at the Basilica Menore del Santo Nino in Cebu City, Philippines.


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Not Just on Sundays

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Not just on sundays –


They saw you creep in like a beggar in the city
Although you’re not asking for coins nor begging for pity.
The unkempt clothes that ruin their image
A big no to their sundays that seem like sacrilege.

Roaming the wilderness looking for kindness
A drop of holy water to enlighten their blindness
The scented candles and all those fragrant flowers
Purity of one’s heart you wish they’ll discover.

A preachy sermon to help thy own neighbour
Dropping coins to serve their master’s favor
Turning away seeing you as a leper
Dirty torn clothes judging you as a pauper.

You light a candle and utter your prayer
Sharing your bread to a needy stranger
Not your leftover or your excess clover
And you do it any day not just on sundays.

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Resurrection –

keeping your faith
during the darkest hours.

Seeing the light
and keeping your hope alive.

Just hold on
because the sun will rise.

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Resurrection – A Poetry of Faith and Hope …….

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Good Friday

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a quote by fulton sheen

A day of contemplation, thoughts suddenly rush in.  No celebration is truly colorful unless you’ve been through some sufferings. Thanks to Fulton Sheen for this wonderful quote about good friday.






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The Colorful Butterfly

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The Colorful Butterfly –

Did you see the signs
The big things that you asked
Ignored by above
when you think it was not enough?

The flight that you missed
the wings that did not exist
The lure of the nectar
when you were still a caterpillar

The time you do not hold
as you crawl to find your abode
the leaves that you kissed
when your world is in abyss

The changing of the seasons
As your color resembles the reasons
Suddenly you turn around
as it changes your breeding ground

The sights, you were astound
when you discover your wings
and finally found
that flowers are not a dream
but a part of your color scheme.

As you hop in and enjoy your flight
you no longer wonder why
everything takes time
because You are now
the colorful butterfly.

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The Painful Truth

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The Painful Truth

As i look at the flowers and the busy people visiting their departed loved ones, i can’t help not to ask why all soul’s day is not just an ordinary day

Looking far beyond sometimes a temporary life is seen with much significance than  the permanence of the real life beyond, if there’s really one.

Who am i to question it as there’s a right time to know it. What a beautiful lie if this life is the only one and the painful truth will make me gasped beyond wonders when i’m at the other side.

Hoping that from this time on, i will always be grateful for every minute that was given and learn to appreciate life’s precious moments.


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The miniature menus and attractions i got to hold while visiting the nanaimo museum, brought me to a bigger convention acknowledging that the great little small things are not entirely different from the big things.

The small things we took for granted , we barely noticed along the way because our sight is limited to that big thing on top of the mountain while we are still on the valleys. Forgetting to smell the flowers since we look forward more to those  tall distant trees , thinking that the fruits it bear is greater than what the tiny bees are enjoying.

Complaining that we have so little time and such small things in our hand, we tend to climb the mountains and surprisingly discover that what appears to be big from the valley is still small and little when we reach the top of the mountain. Looking down , the view from the peak , we still see everything small and little and still wish for something bigger. Yes everything below and within us is still small and little no matter how far we’ve reached,  nothing different when we were still in the valleys aiming for the peak.

I am no different, just like everyone else. But sometimes i don’t know when to stop and tell myself “How Big is My Little.” –by JoelF