The THAI That Binds

I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” – Mark Twain…….

Time flies so fast, in a glance it  looks just  like yesterday, oh yes it was, but memories still linger. I remember the excitement of booking a flight with my friends to visit amazing Thailand. The endless chat over the phone regarding our trip: the first thing to do, the first place to visit, the first show to watch. As Bangkok is really an exciting city…so many temples to visit, great shopping district, exotic food, warm friendly people , exciting gay nightlife, no day or night was ever wasted. .heheheGolden Buddha Bangkok

Riding an elephant is a must, going to the floating market is in the list,  watching the transgender cabaret show shouldn’t be miss, the one street filled  with gay bars and those riveting what have you’s , oh my  and the list  goes on….. Riding the “tuktuk” was exciting, seeing the inner skirts of the city made more exciting when the driver brought us to a jewelry factory…wow! A haven for me ! tuktuk, thailand, travels, bangkok

Jamie insisted on eating on a hawker’s stall because  he’s more excited to try authentic street thai cuisine than the continental buffet in the hotel where we are staying, we all obliged. Oh boy, he was right, the pad thai is heavenly! Onward to The Grand Palace and one can see the splendor of the old thai kingdom with its reclining buddah and all those gold statues that surround you.

Heading to the outskirt and seeing those elephants, Cris uttered “I wonder if we can all ride on that?’..Jamie replied: of course we can but  laughed when Cris said “that’s animal cruelty, I pity the elephant, you’re putting all your weight on him!”  I joked “must be that pad thai and the street barbecues, might as well go tomorrow before breakfast so you’re at least 10 pounds lighter.”  Jamie replied  “hey that’s what i get after paying your tuktuk fare, you didn’t even share”.i sheepishly smile and gave him a rebuttal that if i did not haggle with the driver he can’t give us a free treat.”  Now we’re even..hehehe, that’s the good thing about traveling with friends, simple situation can be a lifetime of fun.elephantride1, thailand travel, bangkok

so many things to share, so many photos to post …the cabaret and the gay red district was really totally fun..too bad i can’t share everything here especially Cris’ sexy photos with his new boyfriends, lol! I love phuket and pattaya..those beautiful beaches…12 days of stay in Thailand is worth it but you know what….it’s fun visiting places but a place becomes memorable because of the people….either by the friends you’re with or the people you meet….I also enjoyed my second trip to thailand but the first one was really memorable because i’m with my friends…and it is really so true, inspite of all the quirks that we might discover with our friends while traveling with them  and the slight differences we encountered….there’s nothing more insightful in learning who they are when you travel with them and i learned that it is our thai trip that binds our friendship stronger….the more i love them after the pad thai. ;-)…As Tim Cahill once said “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles..”  –  By Joel F.

Copyright © 2014 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.

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