How Does Traveling Change Us?

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Traveling , it leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller.”  – Ibn Battuta

How does traveling change us?  Let me count the ways.

1.  It opened our eyes.

We see things we never see before or things we pretend we’re not aware of.

2.   It turns us into a storyteller.

Well  what’s the use of  reading a book if you can’t share its story. My  friend once said that just because you can write a one paragraph article about something doesn’t necessarily make you a writer. To some extent i agree with him but come to think of it, if one can write , he is a writer , either a good writer or a bad writer doesn’t make a  difference , after all  it is your story. Besides,  taste is subjective. 🙂

3.   We discover something about ourselves.

We all want to share our photos, where we’ve been, what we ate, what we did ,not just to our family and friends, even to strangers….as if we are always the center of other people’s universe.  Can’t blame us, we’re all humans…needing validations and a sense of happiness , always thinking  that something worth doing is worthless unless being shared.

A little peek into our travel journey and we discover,  inside us, there’s a tinge of narcissism.

I remember an old friend saying “you can see how lonely a person is by the number of times he indulge in selfies.” I definitely beg to disagree, happy people want more happiness by sharing their happiness. Well, of course there will always be an exception to that rule. Most of us  would rather share our experiences than our savings,  i don’t think that’s narcissism and even if it is…..who cares? Love begins within , whatever that means.

4. We learned time.

“I don’t have time, i’m too busy. The truth is we all believe that we are the master of our fate and the captain of our ship and yet we never learn that time must be our slave and not the other way around for how can one say that we make our own life and yet we don’t own our time…that confused me.  In any way one defines it, i learned that we learned the essence of time when we travel.

5. It changes us.

Either it transformed us into grateful beings for appreciating all the things we have  or unsatisfied  creatures yearning for more.

A certain writer says “it leaves you speechless” , yes, speechless because you realized that traveling is not about the places you’ve been to but the moments you discover that the journey begins and ends within you. .


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