The Blue Sky and Your Smoky Eyes

The Blue Sky and Your Smoky Eyes, joys of joel poems, poetry, love and lies
The Blue Sky and Your Smoky Eyes –

You are walking
on a sunny day
Smiling while
you sway your way

They asked you
where you’re heading
Told them you’ll meet
someone who is arriving.

A loud thunder
speaks from the clouds
I wonder
what it’s all about.

I look up
and told myself,
No, it won’t rain,
the sky is bright and gay.

We crossed our path
and say hello
you said come with me,
let’s meet him today.

Surprised to see you
and that jolly face.
Love must be the culprit
for that sunny face.

You speak to me
about our funny past,
the friendship
and the wishes we all had.

I hold your hand
and want to say
something I knew
would make you cry

But I can’t do it
when I see the sky
The sky is bright,
don’t want to give you
a smoky eye.

But lies can’t fake
a deadly truth.
We saw him both
and know the truth.

He came home,
but not for you.
A lady and a child
had opened your eyes.

Screaming pain
I can see it now.
But that is better
than the truth
be disallowed.

We walked away
and this time I see,
the blue sky
and your smoky eyes.


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