The Red Wine

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The Red Wine –

While you dance to the music
and was swayed by its acoustics

Do you dance to its beat
or fooled by the heat?

When you drink that tempting red wine,
do you drink all its mix

you think that the kicks
are worth all the tricks?

So you wiggle ’til tomorrow
Masquerading your sorrows

The cut that is benign
Ignoring all the signs

but a healthy heart needs a red wine
a love that makes you young

It hits you with a bang
while you were cheered by the gang

but when the party is over
and you deal with hang over

Do you see a helping hand
from those who beat the drums?

As they roll the dice
while you ‘holler and try

that ledge and made it your table
while they watch the cookie crumbles.

the red wine, joys of joel poems, poem about the people that you keep, awakening, friendship
The Red Wine –


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