Abstract People by Joel F

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Abstract People – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

The palette and
the brush

can never paint
the secret fountain

The wisdom
to comprehend

the flowing emotions
as high as a mountain

What you see
is what you get

but you can
never be certain

Once you meet
the abstract people

when you start
looking at the mirror


Abstract people. Have you met them?  Do you recognize them?  Do they ever bother you?  Do you understand them?

Understanding them is like viewing a painting.  Your interpretation is limited to your understanding.  Your understanding is limited to your truth.

Looking at the painting, how could you refute the visible signs of the brush if you’re only seeing the canvas? And how can you accept the beauty of its diverse colors if you hate to walk in shades of gray and live your life only in black and white?

And what is your truth? Is the sun your truth or the moon on a dark night? Is it the rainbow after the storm or the pot of gold after the rainbow? Is your truth your refuge when life is a curse or it becomes your oath when life is a gift?

Abstract people.   Most of the time,  you don’t understand them.  Sometimes, you are one of them.


Daily Prompt:  Recognize



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22 thoughts on “Abstract People by Joel F

  1. Ah loved this and nodding in agreement to – ‘ Your interpretation is limited to your understanding. Your understanding is limited to your truth.’ …abstract people themselves can be a work of art that way …

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    1. I agree PD. Some people are incomprehensible like an abstact painting but only because we based it from our truth and understanding. Yes i agree, every one is an art work , you just have to accept their beauty in their own way.
      Thanks PD for dropping by. Have a lovely day ahead.

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      1. And then I was also wanting to say that some people actually chip away at life, creating their own way …if we study closely, they are an absolute artist at life …and so very abstract! You have an amazing day too!

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        1. Yes that’s true. . Each one is unique and one should not stop being true to oneself no matter how abstract they may seem to others.
          Thanks PD for the time and for sharing your beautiful thought.

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    1. Thanks Maniparna. Life is really simple we just make it complicated, and sometimes we blame the abstract people when most of time we are one of them.
      Thanks Maniparna for leaving a comment here. I appreciate it Have a wonderful day ahead.

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