Broken by Joel F

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Broken –

After a movie marathon of old classic films. I decided to watch Dorothy again in the classic Wizard of Oz.

Why is it that i always remember movie lines about love?   Broken heart, broken dreams and a lot of broken things.

Nope i’m not broken now , i’m whole but not complete.   And i’m okay this way.

Why?  Don’t ask me please, or you might break my heart once you start asking.

I don’t want to flag my brain with too many questions that leave me speechless.

Besides, i don’t want to open my mouth and validate that truthful line once said by the scarecrow:

           ” I don’t know,  but some people without brains do an awful lot of  talking, don’t they?”

And sometimes i’m one of them.



Kindly Click The Link or Tap The Photo and Read   Speechless.  Thanks.


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25 thoughts on “Broken by Joel F

    1. Scarecrow is one of the characters in the movie Wizard of Oz. Yes, his quote is truthfully scary.

      He wants to meet the Wizard so he can have a brain but judging from the way he speaks, sounds like he’s got more brain than the wizard. πŸ™‚ Thanks Kamus for stopping by.

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  1. Yes we can love two people at the same time, its all down to the one who doesn’t wish to share you.. So give you up instead.. Then one has to ask the question was that really love?

    Thought provoking, Loved the Wizard of Oz, and I never did have much of a brain either.. ❀

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    1. I totally agree with you Sue. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, we can always love two people at the same time.

      The Wizard of Oz movie never cease to amaze it, the characters’ lines are always sarcastically true.

      Thanks Sue for stopping by. Happy Friday!

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    1. The original is a beautiful movie, the remake is hmmm okay , also beautiful πŸ™‚

      Try watching it, some lines are mushy but overall it’s enjoyable.

      Thanks Paola for reading this post. I’m glad you find this post beautiful.. Take Care.

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