Storms and Kisses

Storms and Kisses , joys of joel poems, a poem about love and fears, love forecast
Storms and Kisses –

Why do you expect a rainbow
when you’re afraid of storms?

Did i let all my fears
stop you from being near?

Why do you expect a sunrise
when the moon didn’t say goodbye?

Do you expect it to follow
every dawning of the sky?

Then why do you want my kisses
if you only want the roses?

Because you think that all the tears
are not really worth it?

And if you say goodbye
because you hate to cry

I won’t stop you from leaving.
I hate to see you grieving.



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Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.






11 thoughts on “Storms and Kisses

  1. I love the challenge of balances in this one. How can you have if you don’t have…? When I think of the horrible things I’ve seen and went through I understand to see great beauty, to understand it and take it as a lover, you need to crawl through the ashes of total destruction first. In this, I can see the dawning of the same understanding in you. I do so like your work.

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    1. Thanks so much Mare. You can really read every line of this poetry. Your poetic mind can really digest every word that i wrote here. Thanks for reading it, i appreciate that. Thank you sincerely and take care always. Have a wonderful days ahead.

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