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Detour –

Every road
has two directions

it doesn’t come
with instructions

which way you choose
you never lose

lessons are learned
every turn and bend

but sometimes
don’t you wonder

why a different road
take you to the same abode

when you think
a change is all you need

so you took that path
they can’t believe

but just like a maze
a jigsaw place

the other road
it doesn’t seem

the right way
to rearrange

the puzzle
of your broken dreams

and when you reach
the final end

your journey
becomes your friend

for deep inside
you found the truth

the road will
always lead you back

to your true self
your final home.


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Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.


48 thoughts on “Detour

  1. Sometimes for fun I like to wonder about paths I didn’t take. Other times if I’m low I travel those unraveled roads looking for something different. Only to realize if I took it to miss what makes me sad now, I would have also missed out on the joys I’ve had on this road. And I’m not willing to give those back.

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    1. Life is an unending journey. You’re right, a detour may give us joys and surprises we never expected. But whichever way we’re going we will always be brought back to the road that will lead us where we’re meant to be. Thanks for your wonderful words Colleen. Thank you for your wonderful blog. I always enjoy reading your musings.

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  2. I remember hearing somebody say once that wherever you end up is where you were meant to be. I’m not sure whether I quite believe it or not, but in a way I find it a comforting thought at least.

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    1. Thanks for that wonderful thought Bun Karyudo. Yes, you’re right it’s still comforting to know that we are meant to go where we’re meant to be , that may not be true though. The truth is life is all about choices and i choose to thank you for your time dropping by and sharing your thoughts. Thank you also for having such a wonderful blog too. I enjoy reading your stories.

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  3. Joel, so true. I can relate to your poem so much. The paths I took has taken me in very different directions, than I probably would have chosen. After a series of major surgeries, and physically challenged now, I was fortunate. I decided to find my inner strength, and use art, small poems, and photography to keep my spirits high. And it has paid off big time, I’m loving life in a new way.

    Thank you for sharing your well written poem that speaks of what life is all about, life and what we do with it.


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