Red Roses White Lies


red roses white lies, joys of joel poems, greg allman quote
Red Roses White Lies –

A Quote by Gregg Allman,  Poetry by Joel F.

Red Roses White Lies

They say that i am blind
but i know the colors of the rainbow

they say i can’t paint
but in the sketches i draw

can’t you see
the colors in my jewelries?

and if fashion
is my passion

why is it i can never
make clothes

that will cover me
when i’m naked

when you gave me
those red roses

white lies and
all those praises?

Is it because
i love your true colors

that i’m having a hard time
telling the truth in black and white

when i see the rainbows
in your eyes?

Kindly Click This and Read  Color Blind.  Thanks.


Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.

6 thoughts on “Red Roses White Lies

  1. You are mindblowing.I mean i just visited your site and i am in love with your quotes.I cannot express enough thanks to you because it gives an impression that one can write on just anything randomly.Sorry i haven’t read all of your quotes or poems but just loved the ones which i read.Keep inspiring n motivating…Stay blessed…:-)

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    1. Thanks Prachi. Well, this one is not my quote, it’s a quote by Greg Allman. I just made a poetry and graphics out of it. Although i also have my own quotes as you can see here in my blog i got inspired by other people’s works too. Thank you so much for your kind words. Stay blessed too.

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