I See Some Waterfalls

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I See Some Waterfalls – (Maid of The Mist – Niagara Falls, Canada) https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

To beg and kneel
and climb the hills
yet everything was discarded

The wind is here
yet you don’t hear
its whisper has departed

A drop of water
is all i need
to hollow the rock they mounted

Suddenly i see some waterfalls
and this time i never doubted.


i see some waterfalls, joys of joel poems, poetry about faith and healing
I See Some Waterfalls – A Poetry of Faith and Healing — https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com
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10 thoughts on “I See Some Waterfalls

  1. I stepped foot upon the path you mapped.
    Wherever it was headed, I surely didn’t expect that.
    I needed to see it through until the very end
    With faith, the very calling of which, I did not carelessly spend.
    You did not lead me off the trail
    but with a spatter of hope
    My breath weak, limping failed
    to grasp which words you spoke
    But I trudged through happily for you’ve never lied
    And when the journey ended, my spirit climbed the skies.

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  2. A beautiful poem.. Water is so healing.. I had the pleasure of going on the Maid of the Mist at Niagara in 2000, And the encounter with the Falls was an emotional one.. as my own tears mixed with the droplets..
    Thank you for dropping around Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary.. Loved your visit..
    you have a lovely blog site
    Blessings Sue

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