A Love Forgotten by Poems and People

A Love Forgotten, Of Which I Wondered

I wonder if the sound of silence is, falling of a dewdrop late,
I wonder if the sound of patience is, waiting in the aisles of fate,
I wonder what eludes all reason, words aramaic written on my wall,
I wonder if the parting leaves of autumn know the secrets of fall,
for this wall is my companion, to indolent skies I pray,
heavens that heed no worship and Idols shaped out of clay,
I wonder why the Ha’it ul Buraq venerates Babylon to seem Holy
yet the cherubim guarding life’s tree, forbids me to bathe in your glory,
where light mates with true darkness, where a ship mates with its shore,
lies my event horizon the sight of you save for your door,
I wonder if the sound of hope is, my soul that sings evermore,
I wonder if the sound of tragedy is, mourning a dying love sore,
upon my wall, the aramaic, I do wonder if I should read it,
reads it Lo! “ever and always, the meaning of life shall be zenith”

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The Colorful Butterfly

a poem about self discovery and transformation, joys of joel poems, poetry, butterfly
The Colorful Butterfly – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

Did you see the signs
The big things that you asked
Ignored by above
when you think it was not enough?

The flight that you missed
the wings that did not exist
The lure of the nectar
when you were still a caterpillar

The time you do not hold
as you crawl to find your abode
the leaves that you kissed
when your world is in abyss

The changing of the seasons
As your color resembles the reasons
Suddenly you turn around
as it changes your breeding ground

The sights, you were astound
when you discover your wings
and finally found
that flowers are not a dream
but a part of your color scheme.

As you hop in and enjoy your flight
you no longer wonder why
everything takes time
because You are now
the colorful butterfly.

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The Painful Truth

the painful truth, joys of joel writings for all soul's day, life and beyond
The Painful Truth

As i look at the flowers and the busy people visiting their departed loved ones, i can’t help not to ask why all soul’s day is not just an ordinary day

Looking far beyond sometimes a temporary life is seen with much significance than  the permanence of the real life beyond, if there’s really one.

Who am i to question it as there’s a right time to know it. What a beautiful lie if this life is the only one and the painful truth will make me gasped beyond wonders when i’m at the other side.

Hoping that from this time on, i will always be grateful for every minute that was given and learn to appreciate life’s precious moments.


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The Maze Race

the maze race, pumpkin,corn maze,  pumpkin race, memories

I never thought that an old photo of a pre halloween fun day with my high schoolmates in tracy california would make me smile and wonder.

The excitement of being a child again playing the maze race.

The confusion where to go and who to follow. The whisperings that i seldom hear when i’m too busy searching for the signs.

The distractions when i sometime stop , staring at that huge orange pumpkin and wondering why it’s only hugely appreciated during halloweens.

I do get lost sometimes, not because i don’t read the signs. Not because i don’t listen and see.

Yes, i do get lost when my eyes are widely open, when the road is too clear and the sky is too bright because when you think that everything is all right, you seldom find a way.

And most of the time it is only when the doors are all closed that i noticed the windows.


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The Helix Bridge

Singapore has so many architectural wonders. The Helix Bridge is one of them. Located beside Benjamin Sheares Bridge, linking Marina Bay Sands To Marina Centre, this bridge gives me my memorable awes in the early october morning.

Few days before celebrating my birthday, i saw the fabulous glowing scene of The Helix Bridge with its colorful lights from the window of the nearby hotel where i’m staying. Too bad my camera didn’t give justice to its evening photo so i hurriedly had my photo taken in the early morning.

The world’s first double helix structure is considered to be singapore’s longest pedestrian linkway. The Helix Bridge had surely link its glass canopies to my wanderlust blast.

Shutters II by Robert Okaji



The final of a series of twelve, originally published in Terra Firma.

Shutters XII

To, or for, in opposition, as in prayer,
as in declining an opened
space and accepting the edges’

offer, a history of minutes
held in abeyance. Limits unfold and present
options, remnants of incomplete

light, low clouds rising to reveal
a window’s apparition, the original eye
betrayed and released to reason.

Intent upon one, the others escape.



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Las Vegas Art Expo

Las Vegas is not just for gamblers, one can also visit this city of lights and enjoy its art expositions. The Las Vegas Art Expo is one of the multitude of art shows in the city. Paintings, jewelries, car shows. even its musical shows as music is also an art form. And after that art indulgence, you can do whatever you want. Just keep in mind , whatever happens in vegas, stays in vegas. 🙂

My Blog Award and Why I Didn’t Accept It

I received a lovely blog award nomination from felicity. But i was confused, to accept the award i must:

Nominate my 15 favorite bloggers (bloggers i admire)

– My favorite bloggers are not just 15 as i consider all the blogs i follow as my favorites. Each one teaches me a different lessons everytime i read their articles. Each one made me smile.  Just as i love to give a link to their websites, which i know in due time i will but i’ll just do it one at a time.

and to those i do not follow yet (as if i matter, hehe, with most of them having more than a thousand followers anyway), i still read them from time to time and i can assure them that I REALLY READ THEIR POSTS and I REALLY MEAN IT when i clicked that Liked button.

Life is short, i don’t really have to click that like button just to get some traffic as i’m not really into seliing online tutorials here or endorsing products to earn money, (although i know someday i’ll go into that 😉 in which case someday i know i will all need your help ). I am so thankful  to all of you who drop by,  like and follow my site. Again thank you.

7 Things About Myself

After posting my almost naked photo on this site, what else do i have to say? That says it all.  And if  i speak more by showing more photos of that kind, i’m quite sure WordPress will be flooded with RTCTW. What does it mean? Never mind , that’s just my dramatic way of saying it takes a lifetime to know me and 7 is such a big(?) number  I myself, up to now, sometimes wonder who i really am and why i am in existence.  I’m having a hard time coming up with 7 things about myself that might interest you.

Ok just to please you “I Love Chocolates, ice creams, cakes , anything sweets, including Sweet Guys” …Chocolates, ice creams. cakes, anything sweets, sweet guys…that’s 5, ok, make it  sweet love, sweet dreams, so that’s 7. 😉

Thank The person who nominated you and link back to them in your post

Just because i did not accept the award because of those two reasons , it doesn’t mean i can’t link you back to Felicity.

Thanks Felicity.  More power to your beautiful website.


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