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Betrayal –

do you remember me?
I’m back in town.”

You hear it
on your mind
while you see
the sunset
outside the window.

The love
you never tried
The fears
that live inside

“Hey i’m back in town,
you still remember me?”

The what ifs
and could have been
The blooms
you could have seen

“Hey i’m back in town,
you still remember me?”

Your dreams
that dare to speak
when you betray
your heart
because of fear.

You close
the door now
but you remember it
all the time.


Daily Prompt:   Scorched


 Copyright © 2016 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.




53 thoughts on “Betrayal

        1. I guess you’re not alone. We are all crippled by fear at one point in our life. We missed opportunities because we’re afraid to take chances.

          Thanks Miss Rachel. I appreciate the time you spend in reading this blog. Have a great day ahead.

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  1. Concise, simple statements can be more strongly felt than lengthy expositions, as shown in this fine poem. I hear a loose prosody, mono- tri and dimeter lines.

    The friend-enemy distinction can blur. Sometimes your worst enemy is you, and sometimes the face of your betrayer is in your mirror.

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