The Vow , A Dietary Tale

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The Vow, A Dietary Tale –

Lead me not into temptation
Calories and indigestion

Don’t know how
To follow my vow

And leave my kitchen tribulations.


You’ll never grow if you never change.  Not all growths i gladly welcome.

And if change is all i want,  i don’t want to grow those belly bulge and gain extra weight.

Yes, there is something constant with me every year and it happens every end of december.

My new year’s resolution has never change.  Lose weight,  start to diet and achieve that “to die for” gorgeous body.

And just like all those beautifui things that are not meant to stay,  i’ll just say goodbye to 2016 and start the year with a big bang of chocolate roll and a cup of ice cream, yes not a scoop but a full cup welcoming the new year with a sweet taste and a memorable fireworks of hope and joys to be filled.

So how do you look at the things you love and tell yourself it’s time to walk away?   Just remember this:

Making excuses is a talent,
Giving in to temptation is an art
and resisting it must be one hell of a skill.

And if you’re not that skillful,  no worries,  you’re still a talented artist.   🙂


Happy New Year and may our 2017 be filled with love and irresistible temptations we joyfully indulge in.


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Snake in the Kitchen by Joel F

poem about anorexia, bulimia, dieting, slimming, losing weight , joys of joel poems
The Snake In The Kitchen by Joel F –


Tasting but not eating
sipping yet not drinking

Following the reading
of the book about slimming

Calorie counting
fallacies digesting

Swallowing pills
intoxicating chills

A Lying Mirror
lo’ and behold

Litany of lies
being told

The bulging hips
The sagging belly

Get those pills
and don’t leave any

Self esteem
that is diving

in a pool
that is conniving

the locked basket

scary casket
of pandora’s trinkets

Smitten and bitten
by the snake in the kitchen.



Daily Prompt:   Hyperbole



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Why I Love M and M’s By Joel F

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Why I Love M & M’s –

I was in Vegas when i saw the M & M’s World.   I hurriedly went inside and did not let the moment pass without capturing it through my lens as fast as the memories start flashing again.

M and M’s, how would i forget them?  They’re the first imported chocolates i’ve tasted.

I remember my excitement everytime my aunt from oregon visit us, bringing loads of chocolates, the first i always grab were these colorful mini chocolates

Although the local brands are superb too, which i always buy in the “sari-sari” store outside our house, i don’t know why at such a young age, i’m partial to imported chocolates.

Not that they taste better, as a child all chocolates taste the same anyway.   Perhaps the excitement is due to the fact that when you’re a child, you look forward to the things you don’t usually eat or see around daily.

I only got to eat them everytime a relative from the states would drop by.

Here in the Philippines,  We call the United States “states”, and even if some relatives from other place like london, wellington, or sydney would drop us a visit and give us “pasalubongs” (presents),   we presumed they are from the states.

So anything “stateside” (or imported) is really appreciated.


Why do i love M&M’s?

First, M & M’s are so colorful.

Imagine seeing assorted colors in tiny bits.  I’m amazed by its colors.  I remember taking each bit out from the pack, put them in my palm,   look at it intensely as if i’m scrutinizing an artifact.

Second,  you don’t just eat it, you play with it.

I remember us playing M and M’s games.   We close our eyes, randomly pick any m &m’s  and guess the right color.   And if you got it right, you get a bigger share.

I also got excited putting them all in a bowl segregating all the colors and eating them by the color.  Mind you,  i would even count each color and complain why there are more oranges than reds!

One Christmas day on a family gathering, my cousin devise a game and told us that we would eat  M&Ms.   She will segregate it by colors on a bowl and each one should eat only the specific color that one randomly pick through the raffle.   Whoever got to eat the most number of M & M’s in the shortest span of time wins the game.   Everybody agreed, until i protest.

I told her that’s unfair because most of the time, there are more oranges than reds, and more blues than greens.

“How’d you know?” was her response, “I always count them before i eat them.” was my reply.

Suddenly a sudden burst of laughter, i see all of them laughing!   What’s wrong with them?   I learned to count and learned my first math because of m&m’s.

Humiliated, i ran and hide in the room. I cried and decided not to join the game.   There you go,  my first ever broken heart, chocolate experience.

Third, excitement.

You get excited playing games on your own, while eating, guessing what color would come out this time and discovering the last color left in the pack, meaning it’s the winning color for that day.   Oh, the simple joys of childhood.

As Forrest Gump would say, “Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

That is so true.   Just like life,   when you want more reds,   life hand you more blues.

And even if you wish that you should have gotten the other color, you still stand up for what you got.   Take it.   Lick it.   Eat it.

And you’ll never know,   the next time you pick that bit,  you might get what you really want. 🙂


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The Vow

poem about resisting temptations, dietary tale, losing weight, joys of joel poem
The Vow –

Lead me not into temptation
Calories and indigestion
Don’t know How
To follow my vow
And leave my kitchen tribulations.

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The Snake in The Kitchen

The Snake In The Kitchen, poem about anorexia, bulimia, dieting, slimming, joys of joel poem
The Snake In The Kitchen –

Tasting but not eating
Sipping yet not drinking.

Following the reading
of the book about slimming.

Calorie Counting
Fallacies Digesting

Swallowing Pills
intoxicating chills

A Lying Mirror
Lo’ and behold

Litany of lies
Being told.

The bulging hips
The sagging belly

Get those pills
And don’t leave any.

Self esteem that is diving
in a pool that is conniving.

Opening the locked basket,
scary casket of pandora’s trinkets

Smitten and Bitten
By the Snake in the Kitchen.

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Creme Brulee in Mini Pumpkins

The only time i remember a pumpkin is during halloween and there’s no better way to remember it than eat it. Following is my favorite pumpkin creation from Nandini’s GOAN IMPORTS

My newest favorite desert is Creme Brulee in Mini Pumpkins. My husband and I love creme brulee but making it in mini pumpkins felt like it was a much healthier option. Its more to convince the mind then to the waist…just kidding. Made it twice in the last 2 weeks. I know it’s not a dessert but it is perfect for thanksgiving and so I wanted to share this recipe.

I adapted the recipe from Group Recipes of their version of Mini Pumpkins according to my taste by only adding vanilla extract to the creme brulee. The ingredients are few and its simple to make just a bit of patience on baking. Can be done the day before, in fact I thought it tasted better as the baked pumpkin was sweeter compared to the one I ate on the same day. Also another observation was that baking it in a water bath  made a difference in keeping the pumpkin moist and better looking then when I baked it without.

Mini Pumpkins | Goan Imports


8 – 10 mini pumpkins (5.2 oz each cleaned on the inside)

1 cup whipping cream

2 egg yolks

1 egg

1/4 cup sugar (adjust to your sweetness)

1 teaspoon Vanilla

pinch of salt

Cleaned Mini Pumpkins | Goan Imports

Preheat oven to 360 degree F. Cut open the pumpkins with a pairing knife and clean it out with a teaspoon. In a sauce pan add the whipping cream and bring it to a simmer. Take off heat and keep aside. In a mixing bowl add the whole egg, 2 yolks, sugar, salt, vanilla and lightly whisk the ingredients together. Add the whipping cream slowly will whisking it so it does not cuddle the eggs.

Place the pumpkins in a pan, pour in the custard mixture and then add hot water to the pan till midway of the sides of pumpkin. Bake for 40 – 50 minutes depending on the oven or till the custard is done. Insert a toothpick to check and it should come out clean. Chill for at least 2 hour or more. Serve with some sprinkled cinnamon powder if you like.

Creme Brulee in Mini Pumpkins | Goan Imports

This recipe of Creme Brulee in Mini Pumpkins is great if you are trying to control your portion size and perfect size for kids.

Creme Brulee in Mini Pumpkin | Goan Imports

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Love This, Thanks Andrea!


Avocado Acai Parfait

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 2 servings

Avocado Acai Parfait

A parfait with alternating layers of acai blended with berries and avocado blended with frozen bananas to create a delicious and nutritious breakfast or snack. Topped with granola and fresh fruits, this parfait has so many flavors and texture.

Author: Andrea Giang


2 packs Sambazon smoothie or 2 cups blueberries/acai

1/3 cup strawberries, sliced

¼ cup raspberries

½ avocado

1 frozen banana

1 cup granola, more to taste

½ banana, sliced

3-4 raspberries or strawberries for topping


Blend the Sambazon smoothie packs or blueberries or acai with the strawberries and raspberries until the mixture becomes smooth.

Blend the avocado and frozen banana together until it becomes smooth.

In a bowl or cup, first pour half of the acai berry blend. Top with granola.

Pour the avocado banana blend for the next layer. Top with granola.

Continue alternating between the two until all the ingredients are used.

Top the parfait with extra granola, raspberries, and sliced bananas.

Serve the parfait immediately cold.


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The World’s Tallest Chocolate Fountain

I love Chocolates! My comfort food, my main course and my ultimate dessert! Chocolates in all form: candies, ice creams, cakes, muffins , name it. For a time i even have a great crush on my grade school buddy who have such a yummy chocolate skin tone. I even go gaga on a chocolate flavored pasta (Yes honey, there is one,  and  if  you haven’t  tasted one, it’s time to create one).

So here i am happy and salivating when i saw this chocolate fountain in Bellagio.  Considered to be the world’s tallest and largest volume chocolate fountain (at that time), this fountain consisting of 6 pumps circulating close to 2 tons of white, medium and dark confectionary grade chocolate over 500 feet of stainless steel piping enclosed in a glass for all the world to see (and taste of course!). I had a feast, too bad i just can’t take home all of it. Anyway, got to go, my M&M  date is waiting. 🙂

Rock Island and My Banana Split


forbidden affairs,  banana split and forbidden things, joys of joel writings
Rock Island and My Banana Split –

My memorable photos during my rock island wandering days….alone and longing for something, i end up eating an ice cream on top of the banana. Sweet!

Savouring it while it lasts, once gone, only the memories linger and nothing could be sweeter than remembering that great feeling.

Walking away , finally realizing that once tasted always wanted but some good things never last so might as well continue the journey and let The Rock Island and My Banana Split remind me that most of the time, forbidden things are sweet. 🙂


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Madame Gigi Confiserie

madamegigi Strolling in one of the secluded alleys in Old Quebec, we stumbled across a cafe that serves good coffee and yummy macarons. Madame Gigi, situated in Rue du Petit Champlain,  is like your typical cafe in your hometown,  a two storey  cafe with a simple, unassuming interiors,  a one man shop and a few tables , but don’t be deceived by its homely ambiance, this cafe serve  really great desserts and coffee.