Hello Kitty is not a Cat

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Walking in Honolulu, i saw this cute small car that has Hello Kitty prints all over it.  Just like anything that reminds me of my childhood days, i didn’t let the moment pass without capturing it through my lens as fast as  the memories start flashing again.

I grew up loving San Rio’s  Hello Kitty. I remember playing around with my neighbours with this cute little cat stuff.

One sunny morning my boy playmate invited  me to his house so we can play around with his new car matchboxes, racing cars in a small make believe paperboard race tracks  and to his disappointment i would spend more time  with his sisters, not because he is not a fair playmate but simply for the reason i enjoyed tinkering his sisters’ hello kitty pencil cases and stuffed dolls.

I used to think that Hello Kitty is  a cat, who wouldn’t?  Her name is Kitty,  she has whiskers, and she really look like a cat until our neighbour’s guest told us that Hello Kitty is a girl!

What?! All of us refused to believe her until she told us she’ll be back …and yes she did, this time bringing a japanese book, with japanese words printed all over the the graphic book.

She said Hello Kitty is not a cat.  She is a girl and gave us a ton of reasonings why she can’t be a cat.  To our disbelief, we never talk to her since….all of us three girls!  Oops, i mean my two gal pals and me. We never even bothered to play with her again (for a week i think)  until she brought her older sister and their new huge hello kitty dolls all dressed in pink ribbons.

We all forgive her easily because we can’t help not to touch those cute little ribbons on Kitty’s hair.  That’s the good thing being a child, we got hurt easily but we forgive quickly. 🙂

Suffice it to say, she’s right all along.  Hello Kitty is not a cat, although we prefer believing she is,  just like we believe that Santa Claus lives in the north pole or somewhere in the neverland.  Oh, the sweet joys of childhood memories.

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