Spiral, Musings of An Anonymous Bipolar by Joel F

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Spiral, Musings of An Anonymous Bipolar – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

Smiling then you frown
Happy then you’re sad

Opposing genes
Penultimate extremes

Jumping in the sand
Drowning while you stand

Unpredictable mood swings
Euphoria on trivial things

Feeling like a switch
Inexplicable rapid speech

Singing ’til tomorrow
Dancing when you see the rainbow

Normal as you look
Symptoms overlooked

As the stringing of the beads
No one can easily read.

Drinking alcohol
Thoughts you can’t control

Biting all its toll
After that spiral fall

Crying out for help
Medicines will never melt

The stigmas that you see
Loud as a wailing banshee.

Indifference to the sting
Love and Understanding

Acceptance is the key
It might happen to you and me.


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Snowing Summertime – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

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11 thoughts on “Spiral, Musings of An Anonymous Bipolar by Joel F

  1. I have been there. Not exactly in your shoes obviously. It is such a powerful post. I have been taking and not taking med for s so long I wonder whatever happened to my highs. More low days than high but I have to live and after reading this piece I sense the pain you go through and I wonder if I was ever really Bipolar. It doesn’t help that my main diagnosis is Chronic Anorexia with an emotionally unstable personality disorder with elements of Bipolar. I think my psychiatrist got poetic when he diagnosed me – elements of BP disorder – Anyway enough about me. Beautifully expressed. Why is it some of our greatest pieces of writing are about pain and what we have to go through? Great piece Joel

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    1. Thank You Daisy in the Willows. Truthfully, i’m not bipolar.

      I wrote this poem because it reminds me of a friend who suffers from the disorder. She committed suicide by jumping off the building several years ago.

      A month before her death anniversary, I woke up from a dream, seems like she’s sending me a message and i decide to write this piece.

      I published this in wordpress last year.

      Thank You Daisy for taking time to read. I appreciate it, you dropping by.

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