The Love Bus by Joel F

The Love Bus, childhood memories, joys of joel musings from my childhood yearnings
The Love Bus (Musing from My Childhood Yearnings) –

Years ago,  i saw a double-decker bus in Rizal park, a park and amusement center in Manila.  As a young child, i was so amazed to see a two storey bus, i wonder how it feels to ride on top of the deck and see the world from the top.

We were on the park walking when  my dad told us that we  will go to the circle to try the “bump ride”.   My brother jump with joy finally knowing that he can experience driving  an electric kiddie car .

The baby car where one can drive and use one’s skill to avoid bumping or should i say intentionally bump others so you can have fun.  A very typical kiddie male kind of thing, driving and bumping to satiates one’s thrill glands.  You wouldn’t call it a “Bump A Car  Ride” if you always end up avoiding a bump, that won’t be fun at all.

My parents were surprised when i told them i don’t  like that  ride.   I’d rather ride the bus,  pointing to the double decker bus that ply all over the street.

My mom said, “you want to ride the love bus?” , I nod and say “yes.”  (Love Bus?  I was wondering how come it was called The Love Bus when its color was blue, it should have been painted red as red is the color of love.)

Yes, red is the color of love.  I see red roses being sold outside my school during valentines. Santa Claus wears red and he loves us all kids.  Red love letters, rosy red cheeks when you blushed and all those red wines associated with a candlelit dinner during valentines.

Years later,  i realized why the love bus is blue, because sometimes love can make your world so blue after making you so red!

After trying the bump ride , my parents finally agreed to try the Love Bus after pestering them (pardon my word) with “I don’t want a candy ,  i want to ride the love bus, i don’t like to eat that burger, i want to ride that bus!”( I’m not really a brat, i just know what i want.)

Imagine my excitement when we climb the stairs of the bus and finally reaching the top.  Although manila is not filled with tall buildings that time, i was bewildered seeing the clouds, looking up, looking down at the jeepneys that ply the street, the cool breeze of the wind  that touches your face.  For a young mind, it’s everything.

It was in hong kong when i experienced my second (and so far my last) double decker bus ride on our family holiday but wonders of wonder it never occurred to me why i never tried riding those double-decker buses  while i’m  in vegas or while i’m traveling anywhere where there are several double decker bus trips.

And yet as a grown up  (well, not  that i did really grow up as  my mom always ask me “to grow up” after all these years) i will always take a second look everytime i see a double decker bus passed  by.

That’s why i even hurriedly ask a stranger to take my photo when i saw a parked red double-decker bus while i was strolling in downtown toronto .  Finally, the Love Bus is red this time.

The thrill of  riding a double decker bus was gone but the memories of the first time (as always) will linger.

Although i’ll never know when i’ll be riding a double decker bus again,  one thing is for sure,  i will ride the Love Bus anytime and it doesn’t matter if it’s red or blue.


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39 thoughts on “The Love Bus by Joel F

    1. Haha, at least you’ve got some hair. 🙂 Thanks Marissa for reminding me the perils of that wind blowing double decker bus ride. Need some yellow ribbon next time i’ll dare to try the ride.


        1. I understand, always be careful, driving on freeway is one hell of a ride especially with your hair covering your face. That’s the peril of having beautiful bouncy hair :-).


  1. Cute story.
    I’ve never ridden on a double decker.
    I have this strange fear there’ll be an accident and people will go flying everywhere. But I do enjoy waving at the tourists when I see one of those buses going by. I can be such a clown sometimes. Hahaha!

    Glad you finally got to take a photo with something that has brought you much joy!

    Have a great day ☺

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  2. They have special double-deckers here in Rome too, some sort of yellowish/mustard colour. They’re for tourists and do the rounds of historical locations. Should you ever plan a trip just to ride on one 🙂

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  3. It’s interesting the way you go on memory street and connect it to contemporary times. The prose reads like an epiphany. Why not make a collection and publish an experimental novel. Try the site BOOKRIX. You can publish your books free of cost. Anand Bose from Kerala.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my, thank you so much Anand from your advice and your very kind words. Can’t thank you enough. Nice to know someone is reading my post and enjoying it. Have a great weekend.


    1. Well on my part i was wondering why our love bus was all painted blue during that time. And i don’t see double decker bus now in Manila.
      Times have changed i guess.

      Thanks so much for dropping by Maniparna. I appreciate it. Take Care.

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  4. I rode my first “love bus” in HongKong where you rode your second. The ride made me dizzy. I guess love makes you dizzy too. I loved it, especially being high up, but I always felt, it could fall flat on its side anytime as some relationships do too. Thanks for the story – very amusing. Thank you also for reading my stories.

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  5. You will have to try the double-decker ‘red’ London buses Joel! That’s a good enough excuse to visit the U.K. if you haven’t been there. Thanks for visiting my blog this morning – I was a tad disappointed you did not comment. 😕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Wendy for the invite. Who knows someday.Sometimes i don’t know what to say that’s why i don’t comment but rest assured i enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for stopping by.


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