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Life is a lie
when truth flies

Life is truth
when your eyes are blind

Life is blind
When joy hides

Life is joy
when love drives

Life is love
with all its flat tires.


Truly life is not life without any kind of love.  Life begins with love and ends in love.  Romantic love, Family love, self-love, selfish love, selfless love, whatever kind of love that keeps you going.

And love should not always be romantic.

Any passion that makes you wake up in the morning with rays of hope is also love.

You may be childless but you can love a child not your own or  hate the mess they put you in  but still love creating books for them.

How is that possible?  I don’t know.   All i know is life is full of mysterious things inexplicable by logic  such as love.   If only i know the answers.   Oh, i’d rather keep it that way,  after all,  Life starts with L for love and learning and ends in letter E for end.   Life ends.   Love doesn’t.

Life is Learning and Love is encompassing.   No wonder both of them have only four letters.

Both words start with L and ends in E.   The only difference is the letters in between.

Life has a big If ,  and if you take away the f,  then life becomes a lie,
but love doesn’t include if.   No wonder we love without If’s, most of the time i guess.

Love’s in between letters are OV.    I can’t think of any words that starts with Ov.

Well,  Over?   When love is over , one thinks life ends.   But that confuses me, if those two in between letters differentiate life from love,  then why is the ending the same?

Oh never mind,  life is really simple i just make it complicated.   So instead of defining life,  I’d rather write a poetry. πŸ™‚


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73 thoughts on “What is Life

    1. Thank you for the nomination Nawakshin. I apologized i wasn’t able to put a NO AWARD notification on my blog. I do appreciate your effort nominating this blog. Thank you so much. Greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thought Sue. Life is all about love and learning in whatever form or path we take.

      I appreciate it, you dropping by. Thanks again and May you have a blessed and wonderful days ahead. Happy weekend.

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  1. I really enjoyed this. I teared up about the childless stanza as I’m childless. However, there is a baby I’ve never met but he’s been in the NICU for 4-1/2 months as a preemie. He has another surgery and 6 more weeks in the hospital. For some reason this baby has really affected me and I pray for him every day. This tiny baby who I’ve never met has shown me love! Amazing.

    And thank you for your lovely comments on my posts. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You have a kind heart. Hope’s the baby’s well in few weeks.

      Yes, i the love the artful edit you made on your photos. Yours is wonderful photo blog. I enjoyed looking at the photos. Thank you too for stopping by. Have a great weekend Laura.

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    1. I love your quotes and your inspirational writings too. The Unconditional Love is beautiful.

      I should be the one thanking you for your kind words and time in stopping by too. Thanks again and see you around.

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    1. Oh, how so generous of you! Thanks so much, what’s your twitter handle? I’ve got twitter – @joysofjoel but i’m not that active.

      My wordpress post was just automatically shared on my twitter and i just check it once a month i guess. I apologize i’m not a twitter person. But thank you so much Maniparna for sharing it to your social media. Really appreciate it.

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    1. Thanks Bob, I apologize i stop accepting nominations a year ago. Thank you for that recognition. i appreciate it. Have a great day. More power to your blog.


  2. Thank for for visiting my blog! and the likes for “Pinking and the Brain” and “Have a little patience. It’s very encouraging to received acknowledgement from an established blogger as yourself. Your visits were and are appreciated. I also appreciate you sharing your thoughts and journey with the world. You are an inspiration. You have a follower!

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  3. Thanks a lot sharing a beautiful poem about life. Life is such a enigma which could be understood by those who live it completing – enjoying the ups and downs of it all. Joys and sorrows which life brings should be lived meaningfully. :))

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