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Evergreen – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/


The pouring rain
with dark black sky

the hues and shades
of a sunlight sky

the shooting star
and my hidden scar

nourish my soul
as i rise and fall

amidst all the storms
the twist and the thorns

the flowers that bloom
despite all the gloom

as i walk the grass
of a hopeful path

through all that i’ve seen
life is still evergreen.


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Copyright Β© 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.





54 thoughts on “Evergreen

    1. Thanks Paulette. You made my day by letting me know that a great writer like you appreciate my posts. Keeps me going. It is such an honor knowing we can uplift someone by the power of our words. Your blog is totally inspiring. Thanks for the reblog. Take Care and always smile.

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      1. Joel it is a blessing to know you. I feel much better today, but I was thoroughly sick of living in Las Vegas Nevada yesterday because of leaky ceilings in my bathroom and a pest problem in my studio, apartment I need to resolve.
        Ran into a fresh goofball when I was on my way home on the RTC bus and lastly, the bus driver closed the back door on me.

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        1. Thanks Paulette, such kind words to say to uplift me. I don’t know what to say now. All i can say is thank you for sharing me your story. Can’t thank you enough. I had my bad days too, but got more good days than bad ones and i consider myself blessed, well we’re both bless, we may have leaky ceilings but still got roof, food and time for blogging. Take care and keep going.

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      2. I won The Brotherhood of the World Award on Totally Inspired Mind and felt much better because I began seeing the scope of what my efforts writing did for others.

        Your poetry is extraordinary and much like I did a new friend and fellow poet blogger in Australia named Ramon Loyola, I aired two of his poems and put some of my photos with it. It remains on the top 10 on Totally Inspired Mind.

        Would you like me to do the same for you,
        I also shared the finished post on my other blog TheWritersWorkLab.wordpress.com.

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        1. Thanks Paulette. I just started using twitter last month, although i don’t really tweet often. i think the last time i tweeted was a month ago. It’s joys of joel. I haven’t really tried connecting my wordpress to other social media sites. Perhaps this is the reason why i only got few followers but it’s okay. I’m happy this way. I’ve got tumblr, twitter, google + plus but i’m more active on wordpress. I’ll start following you on twitter soon. I haven’t log on twitter for almost a month now. Again, thanks for all the infos.

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            1. A blog gives you readership, international exposure, notoriety, a book list, envaliable experience, and you’ll meet people that you would never have otherwise – just like I’m talking to you right now!

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            1. My name is Joel F. I’m here in the Philippines. Although the “About Me” page says i’m in the Philippines, it doesn’t show my complete name. I apologized if i don’t divulge my complete name. Perhaps someday when i publish my own book. I apologized Paulette for the delayed response. Thanks again.

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            2. Well Joel F in The Philippines. ..nice to know you more fully. My dad taught me a trick to memorizing names. All you do is embrace the first and last name together. It’s much easier than just the first name. It’s good business, and it also shows people you care about them.

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            3. I totally understand, blog is about connecting with people and my friends ask why joys of joel, why not your complete name with own domain. How can i answer that? I don’t know why maybe because i just write on my blog for self expression. My blog is not even monetized. I don’t earn a single cents from this but i enjoyed writing and reading other people’s stories.

              Although lately i got clients, i just refer them to this blog as a portfolio. You know, not a professional thing to do but it works i guess.

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        1. I think I’m going to have to write ‘my fingers’ a blog post of their own…..they wander here & there, frequently. Oh well, at least it’s not my mind that’s going, I suppose? πŸ˜€

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          1. Well, my mind sometimes wander, wonder, going, gone too , i don’t know. My grammar is not perfect, commit typo’s and my fingers go wander but it’s okay. That’s life. πŸ˜‰ Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful thursday julie.

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  1. yes Joel you are absolutely right…life is evergreen…it is short too so we need to enjoy it to the fullest…nice poem…thanks for sharing…


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