Every Road Leads Somewhere

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Every Road Leads Somewhere – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

One is never truly lost

Every road
leads somewhere

Even a blind alley
may lead you to a stairway
or a path undiscovered

As long as you keep moving,
you’ll later see
that a road
is about to be discovered

and a lesson is about to be learned.


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If Leaves Can Speak

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If Leaves Can Speak – – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com

If leaves can speak
before they fall

Touch the ground
and turned golden brown

They might sing
a lullaby

Kiss your cheeks
then say goodbye

If leaves can dance
and sway their hips

As it bear the fruits
of your full red lips

Then they will whistle
the stars that twinkle

As the sun and moon
play in dazzle.

But if leaves can speak
the truth as it falls

They withered and leave
as they were swept by your feet

As you trample on them
and leave them beaten

For the truth you seek
is not always in rhythm

To the hopes and dreams
of your unspoken wishes.

And if leaves can speak
and you still hear not a thing

Just wait for the breeze
as it falls from the trees

Through the help of the wind
You will hear its voice

As it change its color
And teach you new beginnings.


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Evergreen – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/


The pouring rain
with dark black sky

the hues and shades
of a sunlight sky

the shooting star
and my hidden scar

nourish my soul
as i rise and fall

amidst all the storms
the twist and the thorns

the flowers that bloom
despite all the gloom

as i walk the grass
of a hopeful path

through all that i’ve seen
life is still evergreen.


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The Lion King

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Quote from The Lion King


I love watching movies, who doesn’t? This is one of the best films i’ve ever watched. Wonderful Animation, great plot and music, and beautiful lessons. I remember a few lines from this movie and surely The Lion King is the king of all animated films for me.

Of course i love cinderella, sleeping beauty and frozen but there’s something in this film that touched my heart. Although the story doesn’t even revolve around a human protaganist,  i still love it just like the way i love snow white and cinderella and other princess’ stories.

And by the way, the photo is not mine, i just found it on the net,  i just made a graphics with  the unforgettable line from the movie, that’s how much i love lion king although i’d rather be a queen.