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Stonehearted –

So you think you’re unbreakable
when you now have a heart of stone?

When the past has been discarded
that made you stonehearted.

What if it learns to follow
the dripping water to make you hollow?

Will you forget the sorrows
and borrow a new tomorrow?


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Ateliers De Creation and Its Lessons

Witnessing an ongoing workshop at Ateliers De Creation while visiting Montreal gives me the gift of acceptance. Acceptance that learning is a continuous journey.  Regardless of one’s age or field, the real art is not in reaching the peak but in growing as we traverse the valleys and fields, through  plains and plateaus.

Yes, every artist was once an amateur and every art is a lifestyle…..Art is not a hobby, it’s a way of life.  And one’s life is one’s greatest masterpiece, everything else is just an accessory for what is a paint without a brush, and what good is a brush if one can’t produce a painting, and yet what is a painting without a heart.

Yes, one’s life is a continuous workshop, just like what i witnessed in Ateliers De Creation.

Man of Steel

manofsteelOne thing about the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is the Brilliant concept of its builders in creating interactive art installations outside its main building. And once you get inside one get awed on how its 3 other buildings were connected underground…vast collections of artworks beyond one’s imagination. Here is another art installation in human form made of steel, looking closely i noticed this artform -steel letters plated to resemble a human form, how ingenious and creative!

Blown Away

dalechihuly  I was blown away when i saw this blown glass sculpture by the world renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly right at the stairs of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts! This beautiful floral formation of Persian Colonnade is truly a masterpiece. No photos can ever give justice to its beauty and that’s an understatement.