Love and Hate in The Month of February by Joel F

Love and Hate in The Month of February, beautiful love poems, beautiful love quotes, joys of joel rhyming love poems
Love and Hate in The Month of February –

Why is February a Love Month? I don’t know the answer. One thing i know is I love to share something about love through poetry……..Since February is make love, oops, i mean made up of 8 letters, let me share you 8 Love Poems/Musing.

Kindly Click / Tap Photos To Read the Poems. Hope you’ll LOVE them.   Thanks.


why i love you, a poetry of whys, joys of joel beautiful love poems, what is love, where can i find love
A Poetry of Whys by Joel F. –

Puppy Love and My Purple Bike.

Puppy Love and My Purple Bike, joys of joel beautiful love poems, rhyming love poems, teen love memories, unforgettable bike memories
Puppy Love and My Purple Bike –

5 Signs of A Wandering Heart

A Confused Heart Love Guide, joys of joel love musings, how do you know if it is true love
5 Signs of A Wandering Heart –

Waterlilies in the Desert

Waterlilies In The Desert, jbautiful love poems joys of joel, poem about courage, love , hope
Waterlilies In The Desert –

My Unforgettable Purple Valentine

beautiful valentine love poems, joys of joel poems, my unforgettable purple valentine, llove memories, my not so funny valentines
My Unforgettable Purple Valentine –

Stairs and Highways

stairs and highways, a poem about life, love and home by joys of joel, beautiful love poems
Stairs and highways –


Speechless, joys of joel poems beautiful love poems, rhyming poems about love and emotions, photo poetry
Speechless –




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50 thoughts on “Love and Hate in The Month of February by Joel F

    1. Thanks Nita. The first one isn’t mine. I just created a graphic and a poetry inspired by the quote. I’m glad you like them. I guess everyone’s romantic, love melts us in more ways than what an M&M chocolate does. 🙂

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    1. I agree but Valentines Day can also be fun, it’s one of those times when you can pamper yourself , either you go to a spa alone, one of those very rare moments where you stop counting calories and start indulging with glorious food and drinks with your single friends or making love with the love of your life. 🙂
      Thank you Marissa for stopping by. I know you’ll have a fabulous hearts day.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Can you believe I didn’t even realise that it’s February, the month of love already?( I’m too invested in my own world where time is just a human construct but manages to evade me) Thanks for reminding me heh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Theresa. I’m glad you like it.
      That’s not my poem. I just made the graphics for that quote. I don’t know who quote that. Some people attribute the “love me or hate me quote “to William Shakespeare but it was debunked later. No one really knows who wrote that line.

      However, if you click/tap that photo, you can read the poem i created inspired by that quote.

      Anyway, Thanks Theresa for sharing your thought here and for dropping by. Have a great day ahead.

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