The Bus Stop

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waiting for our dream guys…at the Bus Stop. What happened years after? The two got hitched while i’m left waiting 😉

How time flies! It doesn’t just fly…it soars like superman. Just like a bus stop that is oblivious to its surroundings not minding whether there will be passengers waiting.

I remember this photo ,  taken  years ago when all of us were still single,  waiting for the bus while heading to the mall.

What happened years after? The two got hitched, found their dream guys while i’m still left waiting. haha. Life is really surprisingly predictable (sometimes!).

What is it in this photo that i will always cherish?

A lot!  The essence of friendship, the wonders of expectation, the unpredictable path to one’s journey and the lessons that one learned as we leave the bus stop and start riding to reach our destination.

Along the journey, the bus stops picking up other passengers, just like us meeting others, some would make us cry, others would make us smile. Through it all, everyone that we meet has changed us in some ways.

With a planned route, the bus goes on its way, precisely timed , schedules religiously followed to arrive at a certain destination. Same route different sceneries, as people and places have changed.

Life is like a bus , we are its passengers, and the bus stops are our path finders. They are our markers as we stop and pause and decide which way to go.

One thing is sure though, whatever we’ll do when we reach that destination is as equally as important as what we do while we pause and wait at the bus stop.

So don’t be too impatient when life gives you its little stops and pauses.

Eventually when the bus arrive, you have your will as your ticket to hop in and take your journey.  For the meantime, enjoy, savour and learned from the sceneries. 

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