The Train is Coming

the train is coming, joys of joel poems,  a poem about fate and destiny, patience
The Train is Coming – – –


Suddenly a train  of thought touched me as i glance and peek at my via rail pic.  The poetry of the saying that the mind replays what the heart can’t delete.


Heading to somewhere

with no one in tow.

My backpack and myself

to a place i never know.


Nothing on hand

but a few things to keep at hand.

Expectations and tickets

to board that long rail tram.


Waiting for the sound

that serves as alarm.

The train is coming

get up and stop dreaming.


For once it stop

and you’re not all awake.

The moment will pass,

and again you’ll be waiting.


Better be aware

that they come on time,

for the train is coming

and in time

you must hop in.


but if  the train

did not stop

and the doors are all closed,

be patient and keep standing

soon the right train

will be coming.


Copyright © 2014 Joys of Joel by Joel F.  All Rights Reserved.