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Premonition –


The tricks of the mind as it covers the night.
With no one in sight and no directions for guide.

Suddenly you feel a glow in the dark.
You followed the feel, the instinct inside.

A chirping sound, a cold freezing air,
as if someone is embracing you there.

You reached that part when you open the door,
a spiral stair occurs from nowhere.

You insist it’s not true, just a trick of your mind,
but how can it be when your eyes can’t lie?

You follow the steps of the spiral stair
believing that something else is out there.

You utter the words and say it in jest
for once you knew the power of a prayer.

A mixture of scents greet you as you wonder,
why candles surround a white box full of flowers.

As you step closer to look and discover,
a face of a friend reflected on the wall.

Vibrant lights and a galaxy of strobes
welcome you as a sense of peace engulfed your soul.

Two nights later a loud cymbal rang out from your phone.
A message was delivered but fear was not its tone.

You listened to the news
and utter a prayer.

You pick up the key from the spiral stair’s door
and open a threshold for whatever the future holds.-


Copyright © 2014  Joys of Joel by Joel F.  All Rights Reserved.