Miss Universe is Coming To Town and What I’ve Learned From It

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Miss Universe is Coming To Town and What I’ve Learned From It – – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com

I don’t know why i wasn’t able to post this on my wordpress. I actually wrote this article and posted this on my facebook page 7 days before the Miss Universe finals. I guess it’s never too late to post it here.

For the first time , two global pageants will be happening a few days before Christmas, and although i am very partial to #MissUniverse Pageant as it’s my favorite show on earth. I will still be watching The #MissWorld Pageant no matter how boring i find it to be. Well, taste is subjective.

And yes Christmas is just around the corner yet i don’t get excited this yuletide season, not as much as i used to when i was a kid. But if there’s one thing that always excites me no matter what my age or my mood is, it’s the miss universe pageant. I don’t know why , all i know is i learned my first world’s geography because of miss universe.

I learned at such a young age that Venezuela is in South America. the capital city of Cyprus is Nicosia and although Brazil is the biggest country in south america, Brazillians actually speak Portugese not spanish. I also learned that there are white people in South Africa, especially after seeing a white south african woman bagged the miss universe title.

I also learned how to answer simple and complicated questions the miss universe way and i hate to admit that sometimes they’re quite helpful during your job interviews. Lol.

I learned what “live via satellite” means at age 6, and that overused phrase inner beauty. Superficial as it may seem, i will always be thankful to those moments when miss universe taught me the virtue of patience. Glued to my seat, and patiently waiting for the announcement of the semi-finalists amidst those countless tv commercials that seem eternity.

And most of all i learned that Life is not always all about winning. Enjoying your journey with or without a crown is what truly matters.

***By the time i posted this on wordpress, Miss Philippines already won the Miss Universe title in a very dramatic way. Congrats Pia.


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The Beauty of The Philippines

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The Beauty of The Philippines

Just a passing thought,  i  wonder why i seldom feature my own country in this blog.

Colonial mentality? Nope, not really, i just don’t have enough beautiful photos of my past escapades.

All right i have beautiful photos, too much alibis. The truth is you don’t really appreciate everything you have while you still have it.  You know that feeling?  That you can always return to that beach , that beach , just a few minutes from your place.

The mentality of not rushing because you have all the time to visit your country’s scenic spots.  After all , they’re just within reach.   Until a foreign friend of yours showed all his beautiful photos from his recent vacations and proudly tell you all his beautiful memories in that place.

You gasp in disbelief asking yourself why you can see a a sparkle in his eyes and yet you barely see the beauties that surround you.

I remember that time in Bangkok when i excitedly ask my friends to have my photo taken while i’m inside the tuk tuk (thailand’s version of  tricycle) yet i never had a single photo of myself riding our local tricycles or jeepneys.

I thought i’m different until i talked to a thai tourist.  She told me she’d been to more than 15 beaches in the Philippines and yet she’d never been to pattaya or phuket.  Wow! Reminds me of myself.

This is taking too long so i better cut this short.  So to appease my guilt in not advertising my beautiful country, (i know it’s not too late to post something about The Philppines), this time i’ll show you photos of a beautiful beach in Kalanggaman Island Leyte , photos courtesy of my friend Kevin Rodriguez.

Just like you, i hope someday i’ll visit this place.   Who knows we might visit it together?  Just give me a wink and i can be your beautiful travel guide.

The Beauty of The Philippines, joys of joel random photos, kalanggaman island leyte
The Beauty of The Philippines





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