Why I Love M and M’s By Joel F

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I was in Vegas when i saw the M & M’s World.   I hurriedly went inside and did not let the moment pass without capturing it through my lens as fast as the memories start flashing again.

M and M’s, how would i forget them?  They’re the first imported chocolates i’ve tasted.

I remember my excitement everytime my aunt from oregon visit us, bringing loads of chocolates, the first i always grab were these colorful mini chocolates

Although the local brands are superb too, which i always buy in the “sari-sari” store outside our house, i don’t know why at such a young age, i’m partial to imported chocolates.

Not that they taste better, as a child all chocolates taste the same anyway.   Perhaps the excitement is due to the fact that when you’re a child, you look forward to the things you don’t usually eat or see around daily.

I only got to eat them everytime a relative from the states would drop by.

Here in the Philippines,  We call the United States “states”, and even if some relatives from other place like london, wellington, or sydney would drop us a visit and give us “pasalubongs” (presents),   we presumed they are from the states.

So anything “stateside” (or imported) is really appreciated.


Why do i love M&M’s?

First, M & M’s are so colorful.

Imagine seeing assorted colors in tiny bits.  I’m amazed by its colors.  I remember taking each bit out from the pack, put them in my palm,   look at it intensely as if i’m scrutinizing an artifact.

Second,  you don’t just eat it, you play with it.

I remember us playing M and M’s games.   We close our eyes, randomly pick any m &m’s  and guess the right color.   And if you got it right, you get a bigger share.

I also got excited putting them all in a bowl segregating all the colors and eating them by the color.  Mind you,  i would even count each color and complain why there are more oranges than reds!

One Christmas day on a family gathering, my cousin devise a game and told us that we would eat  M&Ms.   She will segregate it by colors on a bowl and each one should eat only the specific color that one randomly pick through the raffle.   Whoever got to eat the most number of M & M’s in the shortest span of time wins the game.   Everybody agreed, until i protest.

I told her that’s unfair because most of the time, there are more oranges than reds, and more blues than greens.

“How’d you know?” was her response, “I always count them before i eat them.” was my reply.

Suddenly a sudden burst of laughter, i see all of them laughing!   What’s wrong with them?   I learned to count and learned my first math because of m&m’s.

Humiliated, i ran and hide in the room. I cried and decided not to join the game.   There you go,  my first ever broken heart, chocolate experience.

Third, excitement.

You get excited playing games on your own, while eating, guessing what color would come out this time and discovering the last color left in the pack, meaning it’s the winning color for that day.   Oh, the simple joys of childhood.

As Forrest Gump would say, “Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

That is so true.   Just like life,   when you want more reds,   life hand you more blues.

And even if you wish that you should have gotten the other color, you still stand up for what you got.   Take it.   Lick it.   Eat it.

And you’ll never know,   the next time you pick that bit,  you might get what you really want. πŸ™‚


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72 thoughts on “Why I Love M and M’s By Joel F

  1. I love M&M’s and M&M world. We go there every time we are in Vegas and there is one in Times Square too. Also, now a Reese’s and Hershey’s. Doesn’t it seem like the more exotic the color the better the taste? Ha. ha!

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    1. Surely it does. Those were the days, i forgot how it taste and i don’t get to play with it now. LOL. How time flies.
      I love Reeese’s too, i just find it boring when i was a kid. Hershey’s yummy but looks one dimensional for my crazy young mind then. Love to drop by in the Hershey’s store one day.

      Thanks Marissa for that info. Appreciate you dropping by. Happy Birthday again. Happy Friday!


        1. Really? Wow, that sounds good. I wonder what’s new with M&M’s?

          I’m also a chocolate afficionado , only in Eating.

          Thanks Marissa for sharing that news… Gotta go to the mall now, look for Reeese and of course M&M’s. πŸ™‚


          1. Let me know if you find any! Not too long ago they came out with M&M’s in honey nut, coffee nut and chili nut. I’ve only tried the honey nut so far. They have a bit of a coffee taste even though they are not the coffee ones. I think they are putting out some new flavors for the fall.

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            1. Yup, the airfreight cost must be frightening, i’m here in the Philippines. Can’t find the M&M’s chili nuts and the Reese’s buttercups either, so i end up buying Guylian artisan chocolate. Thanks for that link Marissa. Better luck next time for me i guess or should i say #timeforachange ? πŸ™‚



    1. Yes, they’re cute. That M&M’s movie in the store is brief but enjoyable and all the colors are represented with different comical characters. Loved it. Made me smile. Thanks Shweta for stopping by and sharing your thought.


  2. I love m & M’s, because theyre the chocolate version of skittles. In every morsel or piece, youre imagining that youre eating the rainbow or a box of crayons. lol

    Great post. theyre my moms favorite (non expensive chocolate) candy.

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    1. You’re right ,Skittles! That sugary rainbow bits.

      When i was kid i find M&M’s expensive, but when i reach adulthood i realized they’re one of the most reasonably priced chocolates. lol. How time flies!

      Thanks Vinny dropping by and for making me smile with that Rainbow Skittles thought. Enjoy a wonderful weekend.

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            1. I love Linndt too, and Cadbury… Oh never mind I’m a chocolate addict. I love all chocolates. Lindt is timeless. but M&M’s a classic.

              You too have a great weekend. Thanks again for dropping by.

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  3. I recently visited M&M World where I felt like I was surrounded by rainbows. My favorites are the peanut ones. I almost always get more orange in a pack. I’m not partial to orange. I prefer green. There is no difference the taste, I just like the green color better in the colorful candies. I don’t share the share size either but I would with you.

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    1. Yes, i really wonder why there are more oranges than reds in a pack and more blues than greens.

      When i was a kid i really counted them before i eat them and it’s always been that way. Oh, i did try counting them again when i was 16 i guess, it’s still the same. I wonder why?

      Thanks Mare for your willingness to share it. But i thank you more for sharing your thoughts and taking time in reading my blog. Thanks again and Take Care always.

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        1. I’ll let you know once i visit your beautiful country again. Thanks Mare fot that wondeful invitation. Looking forward to see you guys, I’ll get in touch with you. It’s so nice to meet our fellow bloggers on the other side of the globe. Take Care always.

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  4. This is such a sweet post πŸ™‚ Just like you, we used to get M&M s only when some relatives visit us from the US. Though we have a counterpart of M&Ms here in India, called ‘Gems’, but we used to feast on M&Ms πŸ˜€ Now, as I have grown up, truly speaking, I prefer Lindt over M&M’s and the childhood charm is lost as the brand is available here now. But, I can absolutely relate to this post of yours…you have spoken my mind here… πŸ™‚

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    1. We also have M&M”s counterpart here in the Philippines, local brand called Nips. Tiny bits with assorted colors too.

      During my childhood days M&M’s are already available here in the Philippines in some stores selling imported stuffs. I remember it was sold on Cash and Carry and Rustan’s supermarket in Manila. It’s just that we don’t buy stuffs on those stores on a weekly basis, only once in a blue moon. My mom just bought things from a nearby market.

      Yes, i agree with you, our taste usually change as we grow …it’s like leveling up to one’s age. πŸ™‚

      I was just fascinated with it during my childhood days and for now, i’d be glad to accept any M&M’s as a gift, anytime. πŸ™‚

      Thanks Maniparna for dropping by and most of all for sharing your thoughts. Have a great weekend.

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  5. I loved reading this, Joel πŸ™‚
    Blue is my favorite color but I hate blue M&M’s! When I was young and for very brief time, they sold M&M’s in Argentina. Instead of blue, they had caramel color.
    When many years later I could buy them again, you have no idea my disappointment when I saw the blue ones coming out the package. I felt betrayed, there is not blue food, why did they choose that color?! πŸ™‚ And why they killed the caramel ones? Those were the most attractive to eat! πŸ˜€

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    1. If you only knew my friend’s anger when she can’t even see a pink M&M’s in a pack. Of course there is , but not as many as oranges and blues. She also love the color purple, and no way can she see one during that time. I remember teasing her it’s a candy ,not a fashionable barbie. Such a cruel remark from a friend i guess. But we’re kids that time. She eaisily forgive me especially when i share some of the bits to her.

      You are right, i swear there are really more oranges than reds and more blues than green.

      Thanks Paola now i know i’m not alone with this M&M’s blue conspiracy. haha

      I haven’t tried counting it this time, i’m too old for counting candies i think. lol.

      Btw, thanks for sharing your experience. I wish i had that caramel thing too. I haven’t seen that during our time. You’re still lucky you’ve got an extra color. Have a great weekend. Thanks again.

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  6. I also have to admit Joel to loving these sweets, and would always choose them for my children as a treat, mainly as the chocolate didn’t melt on their hands, especially if in the cinema. πŸ™‚
    Loved that photo, and wow what a place to visit and so important when first learning Maths! lol loved that..
    Enjoy your week Joel..
    Sue πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Sue, i learn Math using addition and subtraction, i add each color in a bowl, sum them up and everytime i eat one, i subtract. Too bad i did not learn multiplication on M&M’s, how i wish i can multiply the quantitys just by staring at them. That way no need to wait for a relative to visit us again. LOl.

      Yes that M&M’s Melts in your mouth, not in your hands slogan is still applicable today, not only on M&M’s i guess. πŸ™‚

      Thanks Sue for sharing some thoughts. Have a great week ahead.

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  7. M&M’s still remain my favorite candy, and so I really enjoyed reading your post. I too learned early math skills with these wonderful pieces of chocolate. My brothers and I played poker using them as gambling chips, and just the other day my wife brought home a bag of coffee nut flavored ones. They are amazing πŸ™‚

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