Sing Me A Song by Joel F

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Sing Me A Song –

A song of agony
A song of faith

A song of love
A song of hate

Sing me a song
You’ll never go wrong

No matter what melody
To nurse the barren memory

It doesn’t really matter
As long as i can relate.


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Do You Hear The Music

do you hear the music, music and poetry, poem about music and love
Do you hear the music- – –

A wonderful quote by Friedrich Nietzsche inspires me to create a poetry.

In awe of the sound
a queen without a crown

a wondrous spell
heavenly hell

voices of the strings
surrendering to your king

entranced by its magic
its joys and its tragic

dancing to its rhythm
fulfilling its mission

while others are watching
but no one’s listening

for they can’t hear the music
and in silence that is golden

the master speaks its voice
waiting for your choice.

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A Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche, joys of joel poems, poem about musics and love
A Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche –

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Keep on Dancing

keep on dancing, dance to the music,  joys of joel poem, the music dancer
Keep on Dancing. Keep on Loving.

Love is like a dance.
You hear the music.
You’re in a trance.

You feel the heat.
Dance to its beat.
It swept you off your feet.

A fast or a slow music
You can’t refuse its magic.
And throw away the logic.

Keep on Dancing.
Embrace the music.
Keep on Loving.

Yield to its magic.

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Rhythm and Blues

rhythm and blues, joys of joel poem, poetry about love, music of love, RnB
Rhythm and Blues


The lyrical sound
of that heartbeat tone
You surely connote
to the feelings of dawn.

When the moon starts to fade
Waiting for the sun
As the movement of the clouds
Preludes the intimate dance

The waltz or the tango
As green as the mango
Yields to a ripe
Just a matter of time.

The rhythm and blues
Sound of a truce
A waiting muse
Or a bomb to diffuse.

Explosion of emotions
As the music creates illusions
Bewitched and bemused
By the rhythm and blues.


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Music and Bob Marley

bob marley music and quote, joys of joel poems, poem about pain, memories
Music and Bob Marley –
Music , the memories it brings, nothing could replicate.
The lyrics you hear may not bring back the pain.
But who says you can’t recall , the scar it leaves after that deadly fall. 
– by Joel F.


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Music –

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