Color Blind

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Color Blind – joys of joel poetry and photography in living colors – –

It will always be back
to hide its secrets in black

Or cover it with white
during the absence of the light.

Black or white and even grays
that’s what it wants to say

Hope that you won’t ride
and sit on that midnight train.

But you can’t keep it waiting
soon it will be showing

True colors that will spark
no matter where it’s hiding

And if you fail to see
the colors of its glee

Your heart will tell you why
because you’re color blind.

poem about color blind, joys of joel poems, installation photography
Color Blind –
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joys of joel poems, poem about fear, love and faith, color blind
Color Blind –

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6 thoughts on “Color Blind

  1. This rhythms like a song missing verses, or a life missing a person once devotedly loved. I like that everything isn’t as simple as black and white which strikes like lightning all over the board.

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    1. Yes Mare, life is always beautiful in living colors and how i wish it stays that way all the time, but life is life, sometimes it is during the times that we’re color blind that we truly feel the colors ‘tho we can’t see it through our eyes, we can still feel it through our hearts.


  2. Yeah, I have had my thinking stuck in black and white before, there are so many myriads of grey in life. Tho in my art , I still tend to do high contrast.. The whole thing of actual blindness to color is that I knew a fellow, talented artist, who could structure form, the colors were tame, not there. He got tested and found out he was color blind. He stopped painting and became a Fantastic Sculptor. I guess I will just stick with being tone deaf!! Thank for this post!

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    1. You said it, what more can i say? Thank you so much Ted for that wonderful insight. As the little prince says “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Color blind, tone deaf, we can always use the gifts we have, we just need the heart to find it and see us through with it. Have a wonderful sunday Ted. Thanks for dropping by.

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