Color Blind

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Color Blind – joys of joel poetry and photography in living colors – –

It will always be back
to hide its secrets in black

Or cover it with white
during the absence of the light.

Black or white and even grays
that’s what it wants to say

Hope that you won’t ride
and sit on that midnight train.

But you can’t keep it waiting
soon it will be showing

True colors that will spark
no matter where it’s hiding

And if you fail to see
the colors of its glee

Your heart will tell you why
because you’re color blind.

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Color Blind –
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Color Blind –

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The Guilty Jury

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The Guilty Jury

To charge you with an offense
A love that is so intense
Truth with no pretense
You’re left with no defense.

To Scream the painful truth.
That kills like a riveting flute
Or spray it with twisted lies
To appease their raging pride.

Admitting sins you never did
Free will that they forbid
For all their secrets that might bleed
A liitle wink beneath the lid.

So now the time has really come
Aghast to dust and squeal the bomb
That love is not a rule of thumb
That should be silence like a lamb.

Their interest is their concern
The book of truth they long had burned.
To seal the verdict of your story.
Prejudice by the guilty jury.



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Spiral, Musings of An Anonymous Bipolar

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Spiral, Musings of An Anonymous Bipolar –

Smiling then you frown
Happy then you’re sad

Opposing genes
Penultimate extremes

Jumping in the sand
Drowning while you stand

Unpredictable mood swings
Euphoria on trivial things

Feeling like a switch
Inexplicable rapid speech

Singing ’til tomorrow
Dancing when you see the rainbow

Normal as you look
Symptoms overlooked

As the stringing of the beads
No one can easily read.

Drinking alcohol
Thoughts you can’t control

Biting all its toll
After that spiral fall

Crying out for help
Medicines will never melt

The stigmas that you see
Loud as a wailing banshee.

Indifference to the sting
Love and Understanding

Acceptance is the key
It might happen to you and me.


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