The Weatherman Is Not Always Right

The Weatherman Is Not Always Right, poem about false hope, broken promises, joys of joel poems, poetry , quotes on love
The Weatherman Is Not Always Right (A Poetry about False Hope and Broken Promises) – –

No rainfall
No gloomy dark night

The promise
of a magical shooting star

Warm breeze
and a sun-drenched sky

The weatherman
is not always right.


Kindly Click The Blue Link or Tap The Photo and Read   Storms and Kisses.  Thanks.


Copyright © 2016 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.




12 thoughts on “The Weatherman Is Not Always Right

    1. Sometimes he was, but not always. Yes, you’re right our happiness shouldn’t depend on the weatherman, but on the weather? just kidding. Thanks Jacqui, that’s a thought to ponder.


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