The Story Is Not Over Yet by Joel F

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The Story Is Not Over Yet –

Staring at the blank moving wall,  now called wallpaper, memories keep flashing like a movie scene.   I’m still in a state of confusion as to what usually follows after finishing the sentence not with a period but with a colon that never belong to a conjunction of a subliminal past and paradoxical present.

i truly cannot understand why a tinge of justification was needed for that fleeting moment of indecision or bad judgment.  Nope, it is not to be judged,  i know in due time i will understand the truth.

The truth in not knowing the value of the moment until it became a memory.  That obsequious feeling of driving a wheel , disregarding the traffic rules inspite of  knowing that dangers will be waiting for breaking the stone that rocks the cradle.

The cradle that was all taken care of from infancy to puberty.  The adolescence of the mind brainwashing humans that ignorance is a bliss, until adulthood teaches you that it’s only a bliss if you take the risk.

The paradox of following your bliss believing that you can strive for anything.  Anything is possible,  even screaming sky is the limit.   You can have anything but not everything.  An oxymoron parable that sounds better than the aesop’s fable.

The fable that shows human  frailties using the art of narrating the pros and cons of an action with its lessons.  Realization of the long forgone wishes.  Pushing boundaries and eventually stepping over them.  The pursuit to fill your bucket list with the unending whispers that the story is not over yet but too late to edit the page.

Yes, the book was already printed,  but the story is not over yet.


****  You journey is always Unfinished.



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74 thoughts on “The Story Is Not Over Yet by Joel F

  1. The truth in not knowing the value of the moment until it became a memory. – loved it!
    The story is not over yet …and never will be probably
    As long as there is always
    Dissatisfied destiny &
    Emerging epiphany

    Really enjoyed reading your post.

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            1. I understand, we are not mind readers. It’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with being an atheist i guess. That’s their choice and i don’t judge people from what they believe in.
              Different folks, different strokes. Life is a beautiful kaleidoscope of diverse energies and beliefs.

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    1. Literally speaking we can’t really edit the future because it hasn’t arrive yet ….hehehe, but figuratively we can still direct/change the outcome most of time (not all the time i guess) because sometimes fate interferes. πŸ™‚

      Thanks Maniparna for stopping by and leaving some thought. Have a great day.

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  2. I loved this foray into the stories we write of our own lives. That’s exactly what they are with themes and plots, pages and chapters. The plots move us forward, but the page until written is blank. And we, as the authors, can change directions at any time if we are brave enough. Awesome, Joel.

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    1. Such beautiful inspiring thought from people like you always make our blogging world or shall i say our reading world an enjoyable journey. Thanks D. Wallace Peach for sharing that. Thanks too for stopping by.

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  3. Hey Joel, interesting post. I definitely agree that the journey is never finished. Only once the silver chord is severed and we return to our maker, right. I’m enjoying my journey, and I strive to not be ignorant. I think people are only really ignorant now-a-day by choice. Like a conversation that I had with another blogger about this. There really is no excuse for ignorance now-a-day, don’t ya think?
    Please have a wonderful rest of the day and great weekend Joel.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it. Yes one’s journey is never ending. Ignorance can be a bliss to some people i guess and they have reasons for it. Everybody has their own story and i can’t truly change other people’s beliefs because i’ve never walk in their shoes. Thanks Stacily for stopping by and spending some time reading this blog. Have a blessed weekend.

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      1. Thanks Joel.
        p.s. I only meant the ignorance thing because of the era we live in now with so much information readily available to us. I hope I didn’t offend at all. It wasn’t my intention.
        Bless you.

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