Every Road Leads Somewhere

every road leads somewhere, an inspirational guide to life's lost souls, an inspirational writing about life's roads, choices by joys of joel poems
Every Road Leads Somewhere – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

One is never truly lost

Every road
leads somewhere

Even a blind alley
may lead you to a stairway
or a path undiscovered

As long as you keep moving,
you’ll later see
that a road
is about to be discovered

and a lesson is about to be learned.


Kindly Click / Tap This Link To Read   Stairs and Highways.  Thanks.



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67 thoughts on “Every Road Leads Somewhere

    1. Thanks Kamal for appreciating the words and the photo. That was a scene i captured in Quebec City while i was traveling all over Canada a few years way back. I didn’t know that i will be able to use this photo someday….you know i never thought that i will blogging one day. 🙂

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        1. Wow, i love the sunshiny weather in Florida, just too hot during summer, i love its autumn weather. The Florida beaches are beautiful. Been there several times, Miami and Tampa.

          Thanks Lorrie for stopping by. I appreciate you taking time leaving some comments here. Take Care.

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        1. Thank you Paola for letting me know that this blog made me you smile. Your comments made me smile too. Thank you for your encouraging words. I did enjoy reading your post about the passport and the shirt. It’s enjoyable.

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