Restart, The Write Way To Right A Resignation Letter

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Restart – The Write Way To Right A Resignation Letter –

“Where do I begin,” (that famous line from a familiar song) to tell a story where I’ve been. Been somewhere, anywhere, nope, truthfully nowhere.

Now I don’t know how to start. They say time heals all wounds, and if missing something is a wound, and starting all over again is a form of healing then let me have a thousand scars for although I’m not a masochist, I welcome the pain of waiting. And if somehow one can’t understand what I’m conveying, it’s okay not to be understood once in a while. Why would I expect others to understand if I, myself don’t understand where I’ve been, eventhough I always claimed I know where I’m heading.

Subject verb agreement, punctuation errors and a lot of grammatical lapses. I am not an English writer and it does not pain me when I tender my resignation letter and realized that he’s not reading my letter. Yes, he is not hearing me, he is looking at my letter telling me how in the world can I write a resignation letter with misspelled words and grammatical lapses. That deceitful feeling of finally getting even by giving him a hard time deciphering what I meant when I said I’m leaving. Or is it just the real me when I blabber with incongruent statements because truthfully I am a weird eccentric person who is not good in saying goodbye.

So I closed the door and walked away…. But in no time I’m back in his arms,  restartng what could have been, what might have been, what should have been and all those in betweens.

Been There.  Done That.  How I wish I could truthfully say that. 🙂



Daily Prompt:  Restart


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18 thoughts on “Restart, The Write Way To Right A Resignation Letter

  1. I just hope you will mend, repair and take time to regroup! Life is very tough and I can only imagine your crooked path, as mine is often having to restart: work, love, and mending. . . 💙💚

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    1. I am and I’m alive again.. Sometimes I feel like giving my resignation letter to life. giving up for all the mistakes (grammatical errors) I’ve committed. But punctuation mark should never be a period but should be a comma where the journey is never ending. And I will always be back in his arms (Life) again.

      Thank you Robin for your uplifting words. I appreciate time you spent in stopping by. Have a lovely weekend. Take Care.

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  2. I am always amazed at your ability to use something so unlikely to convey something so real, and difficult. Yes its okay to be misunderstood once in a while and the pain of waiting can in itself be a healing period. But always come back, never give up or give in to despair.
    you are always stronger for having gone through it and coming back with your trophy of scars showing you conquered even if beaten.

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  3. Life is not always a smooth one for us and we all experience the unknown semi-colons, colons or commas where we have to stop, unwillingly, because that is the way it’s designed. But, the period should always be in the form of ellipses, which means, it goes on and on with endless possibilities.
    I hope it’s all going to be fine for you… 🙂

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Maniparna. Period in the form of ellipses is a wonderful analogy. Thanks for sharing it. Thanks too for stopping by.


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