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Typical – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

Sun shines
rain drops

Blue clouds
on summertime

Flowers bloom
despite the gloom

Is it typical
or magical

When sun sets
with golden hues

Reminding you
tomorrow’s news

Will be
in a treasured chest

Of memories
you won’t forget.

And when he said
he’s leaving now

You realized
it’s typical

For sunrise
to say hello

and say goodbye
with purple glow.



Daily Prompt: Typical



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25 thoughts on “Typical

        1. Oh it didn’t appear because the comment isn’t automatically approved. Comments need to be manually approved. I apologized because it took me awhile to log in to this blog and read the comments. Thank you for leaving some thoughts here Bea.

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    1. I apologize for a very late reply. It’s been a while since I last log in to this site. I still use my camera for photography although I seldom post the photos here in my WordPress. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day ahead.


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