A Wedding and The Museum

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A Wedding and The Museum


Museums take you to the past, Arts lead you to the future.  Intertwined together either way, it nourish your soul and your sense of longing… for without it, one can just a be a floating energy without a sense of identity.

So here i am enjoying my museum visits in Surprising Singapore.(a small country with conservative oriental culture yet mixed with the vibrancy and the hues of the western world) when i encounter a touch of union.

I was about to enter The National Museum of Singapore when  i saw a happy couple.  I stop and observe the lady in white bridal gown and the guy in tux .Seeing a photographer , i conclude , it  must be a ‘wedding pictorial.”

I approached the photographer and ask him if it was an advertising pictorial for a wedding brochure for commercial purposes, or for  a real wedding pictorial. He politely said ” wedding.”   I decided to stay for a while before i went inside the museum.

I approached the couple and asked them if i can have a photo with them. To my surprise they agreed and even willingly smile.  Smiles from the heart , a reflection on  what one truly  feels when you knew you’ve found  “The One.”

Suddenly unwelcomed thoughts invade my mind.

How does it feel to be married?  Will i experience that once in a lifetime experience?

Ok, for others it’s twice in a lifetime, and for some, it’s even thrice. But just the same, it’s always a milestone in one’s life.  Milestone?  Yes, you took that extra mile to love and trust someone, pledging your love to last until your last breath, love must be as strong as a rock, shinier than that diamond stone that can’t be crushed or else you’ll end up wondering how did it all happen? Wasn’t it supposed to be carved in stone?

But just like the museum,  life can either show  you a gallery of beautiful paintings of love and passion or an abstract interpretation of an art scuplture installed on the ceiling, looking above , questioning  why that art is so confusing only to understand later that your confusion leads to wisdom as every art is subject to one’s interpretation and you as an artist render your greatest masterpiece.  Your Life, Your Love. Your Faith.


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